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ProMobi launches digital signage kiosk management solution

By M4G Bureau - November 29, 2018

MobiLock Presentations will enable brands in displaying content in multiple formats on their Android tablets and Android-based TV sticks

ProMobi Technologies announced the launch of MobiLock Presentations, the Digital Signage Kiosk Management solution by which brands can display visual content in a loop. This feature will allow customers to vividly display their content in the form of product images, videos, advertisements, streaming media, screensavers, any other visual message or information on their Android tablets and digital displays via Android-based TV sticks. The solution is currently available only for Android operating system.

MobiLock Presentations is positioned as a tool for brands to engage the audience and influence them with the right visual content and messaging. According to the company, the solution effortlessly allows customers to remotely manage, upload and stream content and can prove to be a perfect fit for display advertising purposes or information boards at storefronts and in locations like shopping malls, educational institutes retail shops, theatres, hotels, and restaurants.

"Our software understands the basic and circumstantial business problems faced by customers with digital signage and hence we have provided features that will have a profitable impact on their business use case. Our solution is built with simplicity and agility to ensure that it meets our customers' requirements of visitor engagement backed by a streamlined process of content presentation and management," said Sriram Kakarala, VP -- Mobility, ProMobi Technologies.

The key features of MobiLock Presentations include:

• Ease of creating and updating new content for the signage
• Remote control and management of digital signage
• Video loop feature with no user-interference
• Easy and uniform content management through a simple dashboard
• Option to define time interval between videos and images
• Support for multiple file formats like PNG, JPEG, JPG GIF & MP4
• Restricted user interaction for better control and performance



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