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Talon launches smart solutions centric global network

By M4G Bureau - April 03, 2019

With its new global OOH network that links 20 offices across 75+ markets, and ‘Plexus’ its new dedicate resource ‘Latitude’, Talon looks at consolidating its smart, innovation-led client solutions

 Talon, PlexusTalon has launched a new global OOH network ‘Plexus’ in response to its own growth and the changing global landscape of OOH. The network links 20 offices with influence across 75+ markets and will be able to offer extended global solutions for clients.

Plexus, the Smarter Global OOH Network, has been created in response to the changing OOH landscape affecting cities, populations and digital environments. The network’s central planning team is based in London as a center of OOH excellence, headed by Managing Partner at Talon, Adrian Skelton. Plexus will transfer Talon’s Smarter as Standard philosophy to a global level, reflecting international clients’ increasing expectation for smarter Out of Home solutions across different environments around the world.

Latitude, a dedicated resource for engaging the connected traveller, is embedded within the Plexus team, led by International Client Service Director Tom Perrett. The team will work with clients to provide better solutions for reaching people as they move across the globe and challenge the use of conventional airport media in one of OOH’s most exciting spaces.

Barry Cupples, CEO of the Talon Group comments, “Since joining Talon last month I’ve been impressed with the speed at which we are developing and applying smart thinking, technology and innovation-led client solutions. As we continue our incredible rate of expansion, I’m delighted to launch our international network that will reflect these developments in numerous markets around the world, delivering genuinely smarter as standard Out of Home campaigns.”

Talon’s Managing Partner, Adrian Skelton who oversees Plexus adds, “OOH is changing not just in the obvious places like London, New York and Tokyo, but across the globe. It’s crucial we demonstrate strong leadership to our clients through these exciting times of change. As we continue to invest in data, technology and people, our clients should expect smarter OOH solutions as standard, with Plexus and Latitude at the heart of delivering on this.”

Tom Perrett, International Client Service Director at Plexus, who leads the Latitude offering, says, “We are in a unique position where international transport hubs - and connected consumers moving between them - are both at the leading edge of the innovation curve. Increased frequency of travel and the growth of audiences from emerging markets mean that the consumer journey is changing, and our understanding of behaviours needs re-imagining alongside it. With the launch of Latitude, we have an opportunity to deliver real time, data driven insights, leading to clear rationale and tangible outcomes for our partners.”

Talon’s Director of International Operations Shabnam Irilian articulates, “We have ambitions to expand the Plexus network beyond the current footprint bringing together like-minded independent OOH specialists to extend and deliver on our Smarter as Standard philosophy and deliver smart OOH solutions for international clients.”



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