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Goa’s hoarding owners still facing uncertainties

By Pray Jani - July 15, 2019

A middle ground is yet to be found between the hoarding owners of Goa and the policy makers with regard to the implementation of the new policy

GoaIn the matter of unified hoarding policy announced by the Goa government, a meet was held earlier this week between Vijai Sardesai, Dy. Chief Minister of Goa, and the All Goa Hoarding Owners’ Association. But it reportedly lacked a concrete outcome.

While Vijai Sardesai agreed to consider some of the inputs given by the association, he did however insist that the hoardings be taken down and set up again with the right sizes as soon as the policy was passed.

The association for its part is ready to co-operate but seeks some time. “We would require some time to replace the hoardings across the city. The OOH industry in Goa is already facing a big dent due to the off-season,” said Angelo Nunes, Proprietor of Adcity Advertising, who is also the Treasurer of the All Goa Hoarding Owners Association.

The All Goa Hoarding Owners’ Association meanwhile eagerly waits for some respite on the matter, with the issue of illegal hoardings looming large over their business. The association is in fact insisting on some action being taken on this, before the new policy is finalised.

A meeting is expected to take place next week with the Chief Architect of Goa where the media owners’ association will also be present to further discuss the framework of the new policy.

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