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Milestone casts Tata Docomo's'39 Paise per Minute' proposition on a wide OOH canvas

By VJ Media Bureau - July 09, 2014

The OOH firm used a range of OOH formats like Tab Cabs, billboards, bus back panels and hand side panels, station branding and bqs in Mumbai

Milestone Brandcom executed a two-month campaign for Tata Docomo's "39 Paise per Minute” service in Mumbai using a wide range of OOH formats, such as, over 100 Tab Cabs, 20 billboards, 200 bus back panels and 200 hand side panels, two station branding and 97 bus shelters in Mumbai. Twenty of the Tab Cabs were used on-route from BKC to the Airport to grab maximum eyeballs among the target group.

Commenting on the OOH initiative, Aditya Gupta, Head Mobility Business Unit - Mumbai & Maharashtra, Tata Docomo, said, "OOH plays an important role in disseminating the brand's message and tactical campaigns across the TG. The core characteristics of the medium are high shelf and recall value. It helps in keeping the TG engaged and disperse information in more expedite ways. While the conventional formats with their ingrained largeness enable impact, other media like transit help increase penetration and OTS.”
Being'refreshingly different' in the OOH space is what Tata Docomo has pledged for. Every campaign that goes live has innovation in its DNA and the brand's belief in the medium is written all over.

Nabendu Bhattacharyya, Managing Director, Milestone Brandcom, said, "Creating campaigns for localised services are always very interesting as you need to develop your campaign to specifically target a certain group. There is no general fail-safe method that you can use in these scenarios. We have used the best possible combination of venues that see maximum footfalls of the target group such as strategically positioned billboards, bus shelters, station brandings, tab cabs and bus back panels to create maximum impact for the product”.


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