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Samsung ‘The Wall’ to range from INR 3.5 crore to INR 12 crore in India

By M4G Bureau - December 09, 2019

World’s first modular MicroLED display with 0.8mm pixel pitch technology for never-seen-before picture quality will be available in India in 146-inch, 219-inch, 292-inch screen sizes

Samsung, India’s biggest and most trusted consumer electronics and smartphones brand, launched The Wall, Samsung’s revolutionary modular MicroLED display that comes in a variety of sizes and ratios from 146 inch (370.8 cm) in 4K definition, 219 inches (556.3 cm) in 6K definition to 292 inches (741.7 cm) in 8K definition.

The Wall brings a new level of immersive viewing and ensures consumers can experience never seen before picture quality, with 0.8mm pixel pitch technology. It has been designed for those who constantly seek exceptional luxury experiences. Now every video, movie, or sporting event can be made larger than life with Samsung The Wall.

The ground-breaking large-format modular LED display is ideal for even the brightest areas of luxury spaces. With a depth less than 30mm, the slim, bezel-less infinity design along with customizable deco frames allows the display to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, ensuring no disruption to the desired ambience.

The Wall delivers a revolutionary viewing experience with true black, true color and Samsung’s AI picture enhancement, high brightness, and high contrast in any luxury home, corporate or high-end retail environment.

 “Luxury is about offering a customized experience. With The Wall, we set out to create a product unlike anything else — matching the lifestyle and taste of those looking for the most exclusive and premium visual experiences in their personal and professional spaces. We are excited about this next step in our roadmap to the future of display technology, and the remarkable viewing experience it offers to consumers,” said Puneet Sethi, Vice President, Consumer Electronics Enterprise Business, Samsung India.
Based on research into the lifestyles of consumers and their preferences, The Wall goes beyond just image quality and provides a personalized user experience.

 Whether viewing a classic movie, an anticipated sporting event or the latest console game, AI up-scaling, Quantum HDR technology, peak brightness of 2,000 nits and 120Hz video rate provide a rich and superior visual experience that is second-to-none.
The Wall comes equipped with Quantum Processor Flex enabled with the AI picture quality engine. This delivers optimized picture quality scene-by-scene, regardless of the original source resolution. Quantum Processor Flex is a machine learning based picture quality engine that analyzes millions of image data to automatically calibrate the original low resolution image according to the display. It can be connected to any OS through a physical HDMI input, thus, providing ease of usage to the customers.

The Wall also comes in a Professional version that is geared toward high-end businesses and retail spaces, and, like The Wall Luxury, is completely customizable.

The Wall Pro is geared towards high-end businesses and retail spaces, and, like The Wall Luxury, it is completely customizable. The stylish design of The Wall will modernize any corporate lobby, museum, art gallery or luxury retail space. The Wall Pro is highly reliable and efficient. The display controller, supplied with The Wall Pro, has all relevant business features that are required by an enterprise.


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