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LPFLEX launches world’s 1st recyclable illuminated signage system

By M4G Bureau - June 09, 2021

Designed and crafted with the Maas & Roos 360 degree, the eco-friendly product ‘GREENFLEX’ has been designed with a ‘Sustainability First’ approach ensuring protection of environment and the ecosystem.

LPFLEX, a subsidiary of Maas & Roos, has announced the ‘eco-innovation’ of the world’s first recyclable illuminated signage system, the ‘GREENFLEX’.

GREENFLEX has been designed and crafted with the Maas & Roos 360o Sustainability approach to safeguard the resources and environment for future generations, the statement from LPFLEX said. 

K Madhavan, MD, LPFLEXAmit Kapani, Sewak, LPFLEX India“At LPFLEX, we believe that eco-innovations are no longer a competitive advantage but a way of life to create meaningful impact on the industry and environment. Holistic well-being coupled with sustainability is the way of life to ensure  long-term survival & success of businesses across the globe,” said K Madhavan, Managing Director, LPFLEX.

The concept of GREENFLEX is not restricted to the signage. LPFLEX has collaborated and signed strategic partnerships with key stakeholders across the region to ensure recycling of all components including steel, aluminium, and non-biodegradable packaging materials.

“The signage industry has been emphasising on the urgent need to Go Green in products. LPFLEX has been pioneering this effort for considerable time and GREENFLEX is a testament towards  those efforts, ” added Amit Kapani, Sewak, LPFLEX India. 

GREENFLEX weighs up to 50% less than a typical solid acrylic letter. This makes the product easier to handle, transport and install, irrespective of the size or design, informs LPFLEX. In addition, the product comes with an option to use recycled acrylic as per design  requirements. The materials used in the signages are recycled products, which can be disassembled and recycled at the end of their life-cycle. 

GREENFLEX is part of LPFLEX and Maas & Roos Group’s continuous efforts over the years to lead green initiatives in the signage industry.


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