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‘We are giving brands an opportunity to create maximum impact’

By M4G Bureau - March 23, 2023

Glenn Pais, Proprietor of Clauderricks Enterprises, talks about the planning that went into setting up the massive 350 feet x 50 feet billboard at Kamshet on Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Edited excerpts of the interview with Media4Growth:

Glenn Pais, Sole proprietor of Clauderricks EnterprisesWhat was the inspiration behind setting up this iconic media asset and what were the challenges faced? 

At the core of our business has always been the constant endeavour to deliver excellence to our clients. Since two decades, we have constructed over 400 large format OOH sites on major highways namely Mumbai-Pune, Mumbai-Nashik, Mumbai-Goa and Mumbai-Gujarat.

We wanted to leverage our expertise to create a media asset that not only garners attention but also leaves an indelible impression on all those who view it.

One of the key factors while setting up any new site is visibility of the content displayed. With an unobstructed visibility of more than 2 kilometres, Kamshet was the ideal location for this site.

There were challenges we had to overcome to make our vision a reality. The highways often experience high velocity winds and dust storms. We have all the safety precautions in place for our workforce but such unpredictable natural occurrences at times can cause some delays.

How is this an opportunity for brands and what kind of brands (category) will be drawn to this site? 

Given the current scenario, staying relevant is the need of the hour. Brands are actively looking for something out-of-the box to stay ahead of the competition. With a site as big as 350 feet x 50 feet, we are giving brands an opportunity to create maximum impact. I am confident that brands will recognize the value we offer. Advertising on India’s longest billboard will give our clients a sense of exclusivity.

Are there any challenges to site maintenance and campaign mounting at such locations?

Although there are logistical challenges in setting up highway hoardings, we have the expertise of our experienced in-house teams that are capable of promptly handling these. The process of setting up is delegated to smaller teams that individually handle the tasks assigned to them. This ensures quality work at a quick turnaround time.

We conduct several quality checks to ensure longevity and sturdiness of all our structures. Reinforcement of angles and wooden framework, painting with non-corrosive yellow oxide and repairs to tinboards form a part of our annual maintenance.

To safeguard against any damage to the structure, we have all our hoarding sites covered by comprehensive insurance policies.

Is there any official record established in terms of size of this media site?

We have started the process of obtaining the official record for the longest site in India from India Book of Records. The necessary data has been submitted to the concerned persons.


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