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'Use new products and services to get innovative'

By Bhawana Anand - November 18, 2013

Ambika Misra, Executive Director, Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology, Lucknow, talked about some innovative possibilities with the OOH media using new products and services at the'UP Talks OOH' event.

Educational Institutions are the latest entrants to the segment spending big on OOH in UP. Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology is one such major spender and OOH loyalist in the state. During the UP Talks OOH, a day event held in Lucknow, Ambika Misra, Executive Director, Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology presented his views on the outdoor medium and explained how innovation could be done on outdoors through various services and products.  

While presenting his views, reiterated, "We created the Institute, but the Brand Ambalika was created by OOH.”  He further mentioned the need for services and products that could facilitate innovation with the medium. For example, things like site-wise traffic data analysis for better media planning and studies could lead to efficient ad spends and lower costs, he said. In addition, he said, there should be technology to draft city wise sites mapping. He believes there is a necessity for technology that can do online site booking, billing and payment facility for faster transactions, besides technology tools to check online site availability calendar with alerts which could help in making effective usage of client budgets and reduce idle time.

In the context of innovation through products, Ambika highlighted three points: Structural Innovations, Technology Innovations and Design Innovations. While talking about the structural innovation, he proposed the idea of introducing hurricane friendly mechanisms, wind pressure sensors and winding systems to secure the sites at highways and also Self Winding Mechanism for multi display to execute multiple client accommodation on a single site.

Talking further about technology innovations, he spoke about solar powered displays, LED sites, LED / laser projection, mobile vehicles with motorized LED display, harnessing wind power for generation of electricity and structure rotation.

While summing up and moving beyond innovation, he also spoke about the need for control of illegal sites, justified rate variation, quick repairs and replacements and finally on the need to deliver on promises.

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