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‘Urbanization is a huge benefit for the OOH industry’

By Pray Jani - August 02, 2019

Manosh De, Global Lead – National and Regional Development Strategies, BIAF, talked about the close synergy that exists between the OOH industry and the the urban landscape at OAC 2019

Manosh DeManosh De, Global Lead – National and Regional Development Strategies, BIAF, Jacobs, Dubai, was the last speaker at the Outdoor Advertising Convention 2019. He addressed the audience with the topic, ‘How OOH can play a defining role in India’s urban transformation’,

Manosh painted a futuristic picture in his presentation talking about self-driven vehicles that offer greater opportunity for the OOH industry and talked about how urban planning helps in the growth of the OOH industry. “Urban planning brings order in transportation and infrastructural network. Street furniture, public transport facilities, and the availability of open spaces, all become factors for the development of the OOH industry. In turn, the industry also has a role to play, by collaborating with public organizations,” he said. With this collaboration, he added, organizations could look at activating public spaces, in a way that the local population could engage with it, both mentally and physically.

Manosh gave the example of the Louvre Museum campaign on the highway connecting Abu Dhabi to Dubai that brings art to the commuters. As he pointed out, outdoor is not only about advertising a brand, but also about enhancing a town’s aesthetics.

Manosh also listed out some suggestions to make these collaboration work smoothly and pointed out the perils of commercializing certain public spaces, particularly heritage sites and the impact of OOH on environment. Lastly, he highlighted the need to effectively manage public data in order to allocate the right resources at the right places.

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