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Shoppers Stop’s ode to regional Indian New Years

By Ria Banerjee - April 12, 2019

The retail brand commemorates regional New Year celebrations in the country through a 360- degree marketing approach that is on till 15th April

Shoppers Stop has unleashed its latest campaign #ShareMyNewYear to celebrate the diversity of India and commemorate the various regional New Years that are celebrated across the country during this time of the year based on the traditional regional calendars.

The campaign showcases diverse cross-cultural experiences and New Year occasions to celebrate the blend of ethnicity and fashion across different parts of India. Conceptualised by advertising agency, Contract, the campaign encourages people to exchange New Year greetings, experiences and cross-cultural rituals.

Uma Talreja, Customer Care Associate, Chief of Marketing & Customer Officer, Shoppers Stop Ltd. said, speaking about the campaign, “Shoppers Stop has 83 stores across 38 cities. Over the years, we have seen different regions get a festive boost during this period. What is interesting is that even stores that don’t belong to a specific region become part of the festivities. As people move across cities, regional boundaries blur and people come together to celebrate festivals that go beyond their individual regional roots. That is the beautiful insight that we used for this campaign, where we share and celebrate New Year in our unique way - possible only in our country.”

This campaign takes a 360-degree approach across TV, print, digital, in-store and outdoor media and is on till 15th April, 2019.

Vineet Mahajan, Head of Art, Contract shares, “#ShareMyNewYear was born out of a wonderful revelation. In the month of April, practically everyone celebrates a New Year. Yet the concept of New Year celebrations is associated primarily with January 1st. So, we wanted to celebrate our ethnic wear range through a campaign that encourages exchanging New Year greetings across the different ethnicities of the nation.”


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