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Railway orders probe into hoarding structure collapse in Pune

By Bhawana Anand - October 08, 2018

The mishap that claimed lives was apparently caused by poor handling of the removal of the hoarding structures

With reference to the collapse of a large hoarding unit in Pune that claimed lives, Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Milind Deouskar has been quoted clarifying that the mishap occurred due to the inability and inefficiency of the railway staff in bringing down the structure by ensuring all safety measures were in place. The railway headquarters had ordered a probe into the matter to arrive at who all were responsible for the accident.

There is also a speculation that the size of the erected hoarding was beyond the permissible limit issued by the local urban body, and on this matter Deouskar commented that this aspect will also be looked into in the investigation.

The Pune hoarding mishap occurred when the railway authority planned to remove a cluster of hoarding structure from their jurisdiction. An agency was hired to conduct the dismantling task which accidently axed the site straight away from the ground, instead of from the top which led to this mishap.

The cluster of these hoardings was tendered to Captions Outdoor Advertising in the year of 2015 which the OOH firm had surrendered by the end of 2017 due to the non-viability of the tender. The outdoor media owning firm had been requesting the railway to permit the permission of removal of these structures which the authority was adamant to do so.

The press note issued by Captions Outdoor Advertising :Download now


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