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Mirror, Mirror on the wall

By Jubilee Cardozo - December 15, 2014

Either you like it or not like it; but you definitely cannot ignore it. It's all over Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune. We are talking about the Mumbai Mirror outdoor campaign, conceptualised by Taproot India, which is garnering rave reviews

Mumbai Mirror, the most sensational newspaper in Mumbai, and Taproot India, Mumbai's most loved advertising agency, have come together to create one of the most attention-grabbing OOH campaigns in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune. This is one of the most-talked about campaigns in recent times and has heads rolling in all walks of life.

According to Santosh Padhi, Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, Taproot India, "This campaign has been released in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune for the respective Mirror editions. The newspaper had managed to get in-depth details about many social issues that impact common people's life and have done breaking stories on issues like organ selling racket, railway contractor scandal, child prostitution, eve teasing or the rikshawalas in Bengaluru. Many of the issues were common in many cities and there were city specific issues like rikshawalas in Bengaluru”.

There was a TVC done which was released first on digital and then on television along with press and outdoor campaign.

Padhi adds: "The whole look and feel of this 10-week campaign has been kept black and white to bring in the journalism feel alive. We have not used some known actors but rather extras at real locations to bring in the authenticity in the pictures. They were shot by a dear friend Prashant Godbole and they were all shot in Mumbai”.

Elaborating on the challenges faced while shooting, Padhi says, "We had difficulty in getting the cast right as their delivery of anger/expression was very critical and important. Prashant did a great job in getting the variation right across all five images”. There are close to 40 outdoors in Mumbai followed by another 25+ in Bangalore and same numbers in Pune, where Mirror has just been launched.

Speaking on the response this campaign has managed to generate for brand Mumbai Mirror, Padhi shares that "there is a great response to the outdoor, with huge recall. Initially, it was a one-month campaign but it will continue for few more weeks as there has been a great response on every medium. I feel it's due to the way the communication is done, the minimal approach in terms of the elements used in the communication, there is a stark black and white image followed by a 'gaali' in form of a headline and the third element is the logo baseline unit which is in the brand colour red”.

These can be spotted through the various OOH formats like hoardings, bus panels and shelters, banners, kiosks, and gantries which have been used in all prime locations and unique spots in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Pune. The campaign was executed by Times OOH.


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