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Kolkata’s South City mall spruces up facade ad space

By Ria Banerjee - May 14, 2019

The biggest mall in the city has added some high tech options with 14 displays on the facade

Façade AdvertisingKolkata-based South City Mall, the biggest in the city with average footfalls of 22-25 lacs monthly, has redesigned its facade advertising pace, adding more high-tech options. The advertising space has increased from 20% to 25%, of the facade area, comprising about 14 K sq. ft. The mall facade added 4 new frames to the older 10 static frames taking it to a total of 14 displays on the façade. Further digital touch has been given inside the mall with video panels in the elevator space. Also, static media on all the four corners have been revolutionised from backlit to digital display, culminating in 23 digital screens and one big digital LED screen installed inside.

Back in 2008 the front facade facing Prince Anwar Shah Road had some 4 front lit sites of sizes 18’ width x 65’ height and 15’ width x 55’ height. There were some 2 glass facades at the entrance of the mall of size 76’ width x 23’ height which had vinyl fix and both of them had a display area of some 25’6” width x 28’6” height.

Façade AdvertisingAfter the mall underwent a complete makeover last year, the façade installed lightings, framing of the hoardings and branding refurbishments. Currently there are some 4 vertical hoardings of size 18’width x 65’ height and 2 glass box with self- adhesive vinyl of 61’2” height x 17’ width whereas some 8 square front lit flexes of 25’x 25’ at the facade offers ample space for advertising of national brands having presence in the mall.

The growth of revenues from advertisement has increased from 15% last year to 20%. It has been learnt that there is a mix of consumer brands executing long term campaigns wherein the creatives are changed at an interval of 6 weeks. Overall the demand has been for national and international brands that occupy 100% OOH space all through the year.

Brands like Samsung, Lakme, L’Oreal have been regular with façade but then automobile, garments, fashion, jewellery, watches and telecom brands are the most promising categories. Consumer durables include Hitachi, Daikin, Blue Star etc who are visible on the facade especially during the summers. The mall does not encourage ambush advertising or online advertising.

“The mall executes activation campaign and innovation for automobile brands that drive OOH in terms of high footfall and traffic along with prestigious brand presence on the mall façade,” shares Dip Biswas, DGM, South City Mall.

south city mallOther than the facade, earlier there was one LED screen display size of 12’x16’ on the ground floor along with some 6 front lit flex drop downs of 6’ width x 30’ height at the central atrium inside the mall. The escalator had some 6-vinyl branding on both the sides. It also had a back lit flex at the parking area and bombardier branding of 7’6” width x 9” height along with 4 ballast branding on all the three floors of size 9’ height x 5’ width.

Currently the scenario has completely changed. The interior branding has been transformed to textile fabric boxes of 8’width x 6’ height on all the 3 floors. The lower basement entry gate has backlit of 175” width x 62” height whereas the exit gate has 127” width and 86” height. The lift lobbies include displays of 67” width and 72” height and 47” width and 72” height in the lower basement areas respectively. In addition to this, lower basement entry gate has a textile fabric box of area 140” width x 72” height whereas the first-floor parking entrance of the similar format measures 5’4” width and 7’2” height. The 4 ballast branding on all the three floors has been converted to digital inside the mall.


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