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IGIA's spruced-up T2 will open up new advertising avenues

By Bhawana Anand - June 27, 2017

Passenger traffic at T2 is expected to be as high as say traffic at Goa airport, says TIMDAA official. Both national and regional brands will likely tap into this opportunity in a big way

Terminal 2 (T2) of Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), Delhi is set to become operational by the month of October this year. The refurnished terminal, meant to decongest the existing T3 and T1 passenger traffic, is expected to see some 5-6 million footfalls per annum.

T2 will be a hub for aircrafts that connect with Tier II & II cities. Keeping in view the anticipated passenger movement at this terminal, the airport media will likely attract both national and regional advertisers. TIMDAA, which handles T1 & T3 airport media will be handling the advertising rights of T2 as well.

“Terminal 2 is pretty significant for TIMDAA as it adds another offering to our bouquet, extends our reach as well as adds more revenue cost. Moreover, it is equally essential for advertisers because tapping 5-6 million passengers is as good as generating advertising revenues at the Goa airport. T2 will allow advertisers to utilise the spaced out location for branding and promotion and open up a new advertising avenue for them”, shared Vishal Malhotra, AVP-Projects and Operations, TIMDAA.

Although it is not clear as yet on which of the carriers will be operating from T2, the Civil Aviation Ministry has asked three budget airlines to move their operations to Terminal 2. Currently, TIMDAA has plans to establish its existing media formats and technology to this new terminal. However, once the entire carriage and other factors get finalised, TIMDAA will introduce a variety of media at T2 depending on the advertisers’ requirement, said Vishal. “This terminal will also have a mix of static and digital formats like other airports with the ratio of 65-35.”

With the established Terminal 1 & 3, what is going to be the selling proposition for Terminal 2? Answering this, Vishal said, “Since T2 will be connected to new locations, brands will be tapping a new set of audiences.”


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