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HDFC Life taps parents with celebratory activation

By VJ Media Bureau - January 07, 2014

The brand organized a birthday-like carnival for parents and children across malls to drive home the message of planning for a safe future.

HDFC launched an experiential campaign called 'Merry go Round' to create buzz about their YoungStar Plan. The idea was aimed at establishing'birthday' as an occasion for parents to start financial planning for their children's future. The activity was executed mainly in malls.

The activation was an extension of HDFC Life's YoungStar TV Campaign and was aimed at engaging with parents through a contextual experiential initiative for children, bringing to live the campaign thought -'the best gift you can give your child is a secure future.'

The outdoor campaign was designed to provide a birthday party like experience for the children, thereby engaging with the parents. Amidst a birthday party set up, there was a'merry go round' fabricated like a toy aeroplane and a rocket. The children were invited to sit in the toy air plane and the toy rocket for a joy ride of a few minutes. While the child enjoyed the ride, the parents were exposed to a contextual message from the brand, "This air plane ride sure was fun! But will it take your child to Stanford?" and 'This rocket ride sure was fun, but will it help your child launch her business?". The joyride was free of cost..

Commenting on the campaign, Sanjay Tripathy, Senior Executive Vice President, Marketing, Product, and Direct Channels said, "Parents today, invest a lot of time, effort and money on various facets of their child's life. One such aspect of high parental involvement is their child's birthday, when each year, parents go to great lengths to ensure that their child has a perfect birthday. We wanted to highlight to parents, that while the birthday gift you buy for your child will please him/her temporarily, there is a more important gift that you need to think about when the child is young - the gift of a bright future. Our'Merry go Round' activation campaign communicated to parents that there is no better occasion than the child's birthday to start planning for his or her secure future and early planning always essential for a bigger corpus.”

The activity was well appreciated and positively received by the audiences both children and parents.

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