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‘Don’t sell space, Sell idea’: Raj Kamble

By Pray Jani - August 05, 2019

Creatives are a big part of OOH campaigns and Raj Kamble, Co-Founder and CCO of Famous Innovations, demonstrated the 'how' of it at OAC 2019

Raj KambleRaj Kamble, Co-Founder and CCO of Famous Innovations shared some interesting ideas that opened up the audience to a whole new perspective about creatives during his session on ‘How creatives can Transform OOH’ at the Outdoor Advertising Convention 2019.

According to Raj, outdoor advertisements represent popular culture of the city and the way local brands leverage the medium to connect with the local audience can significantly contribute to the city aesthetics. OOH creatives must therefore represent the existing culture in the region, he emphasized.

Raj believes that the OOH industry is the godfather of the advertising industry. Thus for the creative agencies, if a creative can run successfully on an outdoor media, it can run successfully on every medium.

Pointing out what he called “visual pollution” Raj urged the media owners and agencies to change the rules of outdoor campaigning. He insisted that they did not limit themselves to logic and material,and instead beyond it to explore the creative depths of advertising. For instance, the classic rule is to have up to 6-7 words in an outdoor creative i.e.which can be changed if managed creatively and executed keeping the end customers in mind. a creative is all about penetrating the customer’s mind, Raj pointed out.

His message to the outdoor industry was simple, “Don’t sell space, sell ideas and work with, and challenge the creative industry.”

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