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Colors recreates the thrill of '24' on OOH

By Bhawana Anand - October 09, 2013

The outdoor promo handled by Milestone Brandcom reflects the adrenaline rush synonymous with the show.

The Indian adaptation of the internationally renowned espionage series 24 has been launched on COLORS.  The Desi'24' takes a gigantic leap from the existing crime-thrillers on Indian television with a unique real-time narration format providing action, thrill, suspense, drama and the exhilaration of solving a complex case in 24 hours. Thus the media objective was to launch the show on various outdoor media with a bang. Milestone Brandcom handled the media duties for the launch and executed a vast campaign across India that echoed the thrill synonymous with the show .

The campaign was designed to target audiences in the age group of 15-35 years and was executed across 35 cities incorporating an assortment media formats. Over 1000 media touch points ensured that the length and breath of the country was screaming'24!' Besides creating impact with large format billboards at key junctions and arterial roads, the campaign reached out with an extensive media mix through various high frequency conventional and unconventional media formats.
Four creative concepts were executed for the campaign across major metros. A large visual of a bomb with a ticker and a large installation of the numbers'24' were placed at Mahim Causeway, Mumbai to draw attention to the show. Billboards across the city saw large backlit installations of the numbers'24' lighting up in sequence. Also, a billboard with a Roman numeral clock shows the numbers from 1-12 lighting up in sequence.
Rajesh Iyer, Head Marketing, COLORS says speaking about the show and is promo,"24 is India's biggest espionage series. Being the only country outside the US to adapt it, our primary requirement was to highlight the show's differentiating factor of real-time drama panning 24 hours. The brief was to bring alive the thrill of 24, create awareness and encourage the audiences to tune-in and watch the show. Milestone Brandcom has delivered a brilliant campaign from planning to execution which has brought the true essence of 24 to the spotlight."
"We have executed some great work together in the past. The brief given to us for this campaign was to maximize hype before the launch and capitalize on the show's greatest differentiator - 'the unique format of 24 hrs., and the race against time. It was thus essential for us to effectively showcase the drama, action and thrill brought on by the show through the OOH medium,” added Hanoz Patel, Founder Member & Managing Partner, Milestone Brandcom.


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