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Avery Dennison launches new gen cast films

By M4G Bureau - April 10, 2017

The new MPI 1105 delivers reliable and superior print quality and instant adaptability to a broad range of applications from car wraps to outdoor graphic needs

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions South Asia has launched a next generation of cast films, MPI 1105 Supercast films and a new family of cast overlaminates. The new MPI 1105 merges premium PVC facestock with a long term removable (LTR) and easy apply repositionable features. The company release states that “this powerful combination delivers reliable and superior print quality and instant adaptability to a broad range of applications from car wraps to outdoor graphic needs”.

Avery Dennison has optimised the Digital Overlaminate (DOL) portfolio to perform with the upgraded print media. The new MPI 1105 Supercast films pair with the new DOL 1000Z series and DOL 1460Z for superior durability. MPI 1105 is available with Easy Apply RS™, Easy Apply™ and Gloss Opaque LTR technologies to provide quick and easy application and long-term removability. Easy Apply air-egress technology helps eliminate wrinkles and bubbles while Easy Apply RS provides repositionability and slideability, allowing the film to be moved easily before pressure is applied.

Key features of the Avery Dennison MPI 1105 Supercast film include:
•    Stable print performance throughout shelf life, across all print platforms such as Latex, Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV-curable
•    Highly conformable film, suitable for complex curves, rivets and corrugations
•    High gloss with a sheet whiteness that delivers greater depth of colour and improved ink efficiency
•    High durability for the most demanding outdoor applications
•    Long term removability (LTR) with a digital overlaminate, liquid clear coat or raw film
•    Quick and easy installation with Easy Apply RS ™ and Easy Apply liner technology for air-egress and slideability
•    ICS Performance Guarantee.

The release also states that the new addition of DOL 1000Z series of digital overlaminates offer superior performance and wider choices when used with the latest MPI 1105 Supercast films. They further strengthen the Avery Dennison premium cast portfolio, which aims to meet the performance and value requirements of vehicles and outdoor graphics applications.

The company maintains that feedback from customers on the addition of the DOL 1000Z series of overlaminates has been resoundingly positive. The range include the DOL 1460Z Gloss Conformable for a paint-like gloss finish and the re-introduction of a smooth low-glare matte finish with the DOL 1480Z Matte Conformable, both suitable for the most complex curves and recesses on vehicles wraps. The DOL 1060Z Gloss completes the range, and is suitable for flat sided trucks and durable outdoor graphics and branding. Graphics remain intact and uncompromised by scratching, UV and heat for the full duration of their long-term lifespans. And when they are due to be removed, they come away cleanly.

Paired with existing MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS™ or the newly added MPI 1105 Easy Apply™, graphics produced are not only sharp and vibrant, but also highly durable even under punishing conditions. Both products deliver high-quality print performance across all digital inkjet platforms.
The new DOL 1000Z overlaminates are ideal for full or partial vehicle wraps, vehicle and truck branding, outdoor signage and boat wraps and graphics. As with all Avery Dennison products, the MPI 1105 Supercast films and DOL 1000Z series overlaminates come backed by Avery Dennison ICS warranty, together with the technical support of the Avery Dennison technical team.


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