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Agung Prihambodo portrays the growthscape of Indonesian OOH market

By Rajiv Raghunath - November 09, 2023

Agung Prihambodo Marketing Director with AMG Indonesia highlighted Indonesia OOH’s growth avenues at WOO Bali meet

Agung Prihambodo, Marketing Director with AMG Indonesia, a pioneering DOOH player across Indonesia, cited at the outset the company's commitment to offering unique experiences for clients and the extensive reach they have in the Indonesian market. He was addressing the WOO APAC Forum in Bali.

Agung Prihambodo

Agung highlighted Indonesia's high economic growth potential. The country boasts a wealth of opportunities, as it ranks 16th in terms of GDP among global economies, has a population larger than Russia and Japan combined. This dynamic demographic includes a highly productive working-age population, with a median age of 29. Jakarta Greater, a region with 31 million inhabitants, contributes significantly to Indonesia's GDP and plays a pivotal role in the auto industry’s growth.

Agung said the DOOH industry in Indonesia is rapidly evolving. While the country accounts for only 1.8% of the global ad spend, it has seen substantial growth. Agung also discussed how the expansion of DOOH segment is reshaping the industry.

Agung pointed out that Indonesia's 50 wealthiest people have a combined a net worth of US$180 billion. The emerging affluent and the wealthy together control 49% of Indonesia's wealth, mirroring the global wealth pyramid. These individuals are expanding their wealth and are willing to invest in various areas, including the media industry.

Agung concluded by emphasising the immense potential for OOH growth in Indonesia and the importance of seizing opportunities on this dynamic landscape. He posed a thought-provoking question to the audience: "What future do we want?" This question encapsulates the potential for development and progress in Indonesia's vibrant media industry, as it continues to evolve and grow.

In essence, Agung's presentation shed light on the promising landscape of Indonesia's media and advertising industry, emphasising the unique opportunities and the forward-looking mindset that can drive future growth and prosperity.


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