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US’ Ballyhoo Media partners with The International SeaKeepers Society to advance climate research in South Florida

By Rajiv Raghunath - June 14, 2023

Media operator’s investment in green technology empowers brands to engage key audiences while driving change through its OOH platform

Ballyhoo Media, known for its revolutionary digital billboard boats and waterway-media formats, is propelling OOH advertising toward a greener future through a transformative partnership with The International SeaKeepers Society. South Florida's waterways face ongoing challenges like beach erosion and degradation of coral reefs. Critical to addressing these issues is data and Ballyhoo Media is installing innovative technology in its fleet of digital billboard boats as part of the solution.

Ballyhoo Media - Illustration

The Seabed 2030 programme is a global initiative equipping Ballyhoo's boats with advanced ocean-mapping  technology, collecting data on Florida’s seabeds as the boats navigate their regular advertising route. This research will produce a more detailed picture of climate change's impact on the oceans, shoreline erosion, and dangers to critical marine life ecosystems.

"With Ballyhoo's involvement in the Seabed 2030 project, we will be equipped to map Florida's coastlines and contribute valuable data to this initiative," said Katie Sheahan, The International SeaKeepers Society's Citizen Science Manager

This invaluable data will aid with shaping policy decisions, guiding conservation efforts, and helping scientists anticipate and mitigate future environmental challenges. By 2030, the aim is to have 100% of the world's oceans mapped and accessible to all.

"Addressing the ocean's ecological challenges without accurate data is like sailing through a storm without a compass," said Nate Shapiro, Vice President of Ballyhoo Media. "Our fleet of digital billboard boats has a strong presence in South Florida, which puts us in a unique position to make a substantial contribution to this critical data collection effort." 

Mapping today's changes for future

This project comes when sustainability is at the forefront of the OOH industry, with companies seeking innovative ways to minimise their environmental impact. Examples include switching to digital billboards, using solar panels to operate, and investing in alternative billboard materials. 

"We are proud to be leading our industry by using our platforms to drive real environmental impact," said Adam Shapiro, CEO and Founder of Ballyhoo Media. "Ballyhoo's platforms already offer a unique way for brands to connect with audiences. Now, with investment in green technology, we are enhancing that value proposition by integrating a powerful social cause into our platform. It's a game changer for the out-of-home industry."

Charting Ocean's future

Brands choosing Ballyhoo Media's platforms directly fund this valuable data collection and the company's broader environmental efforts for a blue economy. “Brands continue to be eager to integrate social impact components into their campaigns, while maintaining authenticity and driving ROI ,” said Brett Weinberg, Founder of Pivot Media Ventures, the national sales partner of Ballyhoo Media. “With this initiative, we are giving advertisers an opportunity to connect their brands with an important cause - the conservation of our waterways.. Providing brands with a high visibility way  to engage in environmental causes while unlocking meaningful consumer connections is extremely powerful in today’s increasingly eco-conscious marketplace.”


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