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Moving Walls’ LMX partners Australian online ad platform CAASie

By Rajiv Raghunath - April 28, 2021

LMX SSP ‘LMX Connect’ will be integrated with’s DSP to enable flexible budgets and durations to SMEs and agencies buying OOH advertising.

Location Media Xchange (LMX), the supply-side arm of the Moving Walls Group, announced their partnership with, an Australian-built online ad platform, to accelerate the adoption of automated audience-driven OOH. LMX will enable’s self-serve OOH marketplace, providing advertisers with global access to an inventory of more than 35,000 screens across Southeast Asia.

LMX provides a full sales automation and delivery stack to OOH media owners and its supply-side platform (SSP) called ‘LMX Connect’ will be integrated with’s self-serve Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) to enable flexible budgets and durations to SMEs and agencies buying OOH advertising.

The Moving Walls group have recently established independent offerings for both the buy-side and the sell-side stakeholders. To advertisers and media agencies, they provide cloud-based planning and analytics for all forms of OOH media powered by a multi-sensor location data platform. To screen asset owners, LMX equips them with inventory management and sales automation tools.

Meanwhile, is keen to bolster a fully self-serve DOOH experience, making on-demand access to outdoor assets more flexible and accessible with a strong dedication to merging digital marketing and OOH advertising. The collaboration will allow both companies to scale their offerings across multiple markets and drive adoption of DOOH from buyers who have traditionally shied away from the format.

According to Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and CEO of the Moving Walls Group, “When LMX was first conceived, its main aim was to enable screen asset owners to connect to multiple DSPs while remaining in control of inventory allocation and pricing.’s vision of making audience data-driven media buying for OOH possible aligns with LMXs own vision. The partnership will connect Australian advertisers to LMX clients around the world, while opening doors for LMX to be adopted by Australian media asset owners."

Jeff Jaraved, Co-Founder of adds “CAASie has had great success opening up access to out-of-home for both small businesses and agencies. These folks have generally stuck to online digital formats for their marketing, almost entirely because outdoor was simply inaccessible to them. The fact that anyone can come in and self-serve their ads on the billboard or bus shelter down the street is huge. Our partnership with LMX allows us to tap into a whole new part of the globe, which I’m sure will be very exciting for our users.” 


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