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Khushi Advertising unveils 3D Anamorphic content for McDonald's India (West & South)

By Sakshi Sanghavi - May 23, 2024

This campaign marks the first use of such advanced technology for a McDonald's campaign in the region

Khushi Advertising's ongoing collaboration with McDonald's India (West & South) and The Phoenix Mills Ltd is marking a significant milestone in the realm of advertising innovation. 

Khushi Advertising, renowned for its expertise in integrated out-of-home solutions, crafts and executes visually stunning 3D anamorphic content to showcase various offers at McDonald’s. This cutting-edge content is prominently displayed at Palladium Mall in Ahmedabad, leveraging the latest 3D anamorphic technology to create an immersive visual experience. The striking visuals are captivating the attention of passers-by, effectively drawing them into the McDonald's store. The strategic placement of this 3D content in such a bustling environment is maximising visibility and foot traffic, ultimately driving store visits and enhancing brand recall. By creating a memorable and engaging visual spectacle, Khushi Advertising is ensuring that McDonald's India stands out in the competitive landscape of the food and beverage sector.

Mayank Lalpuria, Sr. Vice President at The Phoenix Mills Ltd, expressed, "The Phoenix Mills Limited is synonymous with innovation and excellence. Our partnership with Khushi for innovative advertising campaigns employing new age media exemplifies our continuous efforts to provide optimal platforms for brands to elevate their presence in the digital age."

Vishnu Telang, CEO of Khushi Advertising

Vishnu Telang, CEO of Khushi Advertising, emphasised, "Khushi advertising is the specialised integrated OOH agency in India. We continuously strive to blend cutting-edge avenues with strategic brand promotion, creating synergistic and captivating brand experiences for our audiences. Our partnership with McDonald’s India (West & South) and The Phoenix Mills Ltd epitomises our dedication to innovative advertising.” 


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