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Intersection selects Broadsign to power ads on digital signage network

By Amaan Kazmi - January 30, 2018

Partnership enables advertisers to run targeted, strategic ad campaigns seamlessly across a network of more than 3,500 Link kiosks, urban panels, interactive station platform displays and bus shelters

Intersection, the leading smart cities technology and media company in the US, announced it has selected Broadsign International, LLC’s leading marketing software to power advertising on Intersection’s network of digital displays across the U.S., including LinkNYC and transit assets in the top media markets, to improve advertisers’ ability to reach consumers with targeted, seamless campaigns.

Intersection will use Broadsign’s content management system, Broadsign Control, to deliver advertising and dynamic HTML5 content to its national network of digital displays. From a unified platform, Intersection will be able to manage branded content on more than 3,500 Link kiosks, urban panels, interactive station platform displays and bus shelters it operates nationwide.

“Our digital network extends across the top media markets in the U.S., providing brands the opportunity to connect with millions of customers on their daily journeys through our largest cities,” said Adrian D’Souza, SVP of sales strategy and operations at Intersection. “With Broadsign, we have the enhanced flexibility, creative capabilities, and planning tools to make those connections more efficiently and cohesively across our network.”

Intersection’s network reaches over 48 million consumers across the top DMAs in the U.S., including New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas, and several other top metro regions. This network includes signage throughout major transit systems such as the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), as well as New York City’s LinkNYC Wi-Fi kiosks.

The Intersection digital display network, which generates 2.5 billion impressions per month, is the ideal platform for advertisers to share their brand stories. To more efficiently manage and sell ad space, Intersection will also use Broadsign’s sales platform, Broadsign Direct. Broadsign’s leadership in DOOH advertising will help Intersection and its partners to connect with consumers in even more creative, dynamic and meaningful ways.
“With screens and kiosks connecting people in the busiest urban areas, smart cities are changing the way we live our lives,” said Maarten Dollevoet, SVP of global sales at Broadsign. “We are proud to be working with a leader in the smart cities revolution and we are committed to helping digitize many more cities around the world.”

Increasingly, cities around the world are installing connected technologies and devices to improve the urban experience. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, OOH innovations like Intersection’s digital assets can help cities deliver Wi-Fi, transit information, emergency communications and other critical services to residents and visitors.

Intersection’s growing network of digital assets enables cities to provide these critical services free of charge. With engaging and informative content, including real-time transit updates, weather, local events, and contextual, dynamic advertisements, the Intersection network is one of the most noticed and relied upon in the U.S.


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