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FRAMEN in strategic partnership with VIOOH for pDOOH

By Rajiv Raghunath - June 14, 2023

Through this partnership, advertisers will be able to engage with their target audiences through a network of over 6,000 screens located in coworking spaces, gyms, hotels, bars, gas stations, and other semi-public locations.

FRAMEN, the leading content distribution platform for screens in semi-public spaces, has entered into a strategic partnership with VIOOH, the leading premium global DOOH supply side platform. This collaboration will provide advertisers with seamless access to FRAMEN's extensive inventory for programmatic booking of OOH campaigns, utilising the VIOOH platform. 

Framen X VIOOH

By joining forces, FRAMEN and VIOOH offer advertisers unprecedented opportunities to engage with their target audiences through the extensive network of over 6,000 screens located in coworking spaces, gyms, hotels, bars, gas stations, and other semi-public locations. Advertisers can receive up to 500 million impressions which includes exclusive access to audiences at premium locations such as WeWork, Holmes Place, B&B and more. DOOH advertising in semi-public settings enables advertisers to precisely identify and target their audience based on contextual relevance, reaching business executives in coworking spaces, health enthusiasts in gyms, or shoppers in malls and supermarkets.

Initially, the integration partnership will be launched in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, leveraging the strong presence of FRAMEN's screen inventory in these markets. However, both FRAMEN and VIOOH have ambitious plans to expand together into additional markets in the near future, offering advertisers unparalleled reach and impact.

Moreover, quickly following this new partnership, VIOOH and FRAMEN have already lined up and integrated the first demand side platform (DSP), Blis, a unique planning and buying platform that delivers multi-channel campaigns with a single and unified audience without relying on personal data.

“We’re delighted to be announcing our strategic partnership with FRAMEN, whose specialised screens at semi-public spaces, such as gyms, co-working spaces and hotels, nicely complements our existing inventory,” said Gavin Wilson, Global Chief Customer and Revenue Officer at VIOOH. “I look forward to seeing the many exciting campaigns to come from this new partnership. By utilising VIOOH’s premium supply side platform, and with access to FRAMEN’s leading OOH inventory, this collaboration will allow more advertisers to create high-impact, data-driven DOOH campaigns across the UK, France and Germany - with more markets to follow soon,” added Wilson. 

“The future of content distribution lies in Digital Out Of Home. We are delighted to be working with VIOOH to create smart synergies that will further simplify content distribution. Customer centricity is in our DNA - by working with VIOOH we are strengthening our promise to create a simple and flexible distribution platform,” said Magdalena Pusch, Co-Founder and CMO at FRAMEN.

“As consumers' path to purchase evolves, expanding Blis' solutions across screens is one of our main goals," said Lucas Noordhoorn, Country Manager Benelux & DACH at Blis. “Thanks to our partnership with VIOOH, our clients will now be able to access Framen's premium DOOH inventory through our integrated planning and buying platform, Audience Explorer. Expanding our access to digital out-of-home inventory is a key milestone for our region, as it marks the next step in Blis becoming a true brand campaign partner for our clients by delivering a fully omnichannel offering," added Noordhoorn. 

The collaboration between FRAMEN and VIOOH empowers advertisers to create impactful, data-driven, and efficient digital-out-of-home campaigns. By leveraging the programmatic capabilities of VIOOH's SSP, advertisers can seamlessly book FRAMEN's screen inventory, ensuring precise targeting and optimization of their campaigns.


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