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DOOH establishes emotional connection with audiences: Fernando Vizcaino

By M4G Bureau - November 03, 2023

Fernando Vizcaíno, Global General Manager, Worldcom OOH spoke in VIII Digital Out Of Home Forum, organised in Spain

The eighth edition of the VIII Digital Out Of Home Forum, the largest outdoor advertising event in Spain, was organised at Callao City Lights and featured the participation of prominent professionals from the advertising and marketing industry.

Fernando Vizcaíno, Global General Manager, Worldcom OOH

In the Activation and Optimization segment of the Forum, Fernando Vizcaíno, Global General Manager of Worldcom OOH, discussed the importance of innovation in OOH media. "New technologies have transformed the way advertisers interact with their audience, offering powerful communication tools to create dynamic, engaging, and effective campaigns," emphasized Vizcaíno.

He added: “DOOH has the differentiating factor of being able to establish emotional connections with the audience, flexibility to adapt to various contexts and regions, and the possibility of real-time interaction. This translates into concrete marketing results: increased audience interaction and improved brand positioning. On the other hand, MOOH allows for the segmentation of a geographic area around an OOH support or point of interest and a specific audience. Through geolocation and dynamic content, it makes it possible to interact with the target audience, responding to their behaviour and interests, generating engagement and interaction.”

The digital age presents increasingly significant communication challenges in an environment of hyper-fragmented audiences constantly exposed to advertising messages. In this context, DOOH and MOOH are emerging as highly effective channels within the competitive media landscape. According to the 2023 DOOH Study by IAB Spain, DOOH investment in Spain reached 60.9 million euros in 2023, representing a 25% growth compared to 2022. The primary sectors that invested in DOOH in 2023 were Consumer (36%), Telecommunications (22%), Automotive (16%), Fashion (12%), and Financial Services (9%).

As an example, Vizcaíno referred to some of the success stories of Worldcom OOH. He mentioned the Equity Coca-Cola Chile campaign carried out in the 14 most important cities in Chile, with the main objective of generating awareness and developing a communication plan that would allow for the creation of a continuous presence circuit to achieve brand impact and equity over time. Regarding OOH, a Reach of 69% was achieved, while Visibility and Coverage were at 71%, resulting in an impressive total of OTS (Opportunity To See) of 82,221,487. As for MOOH, the campaign had a 120 percent ROI, 70% impressions, and achieved an 88.491% View Through Rate.

Another example of how to combine traditional media with modern technologies is the case of ProColombia in Times Square, also developed by Worldcom OOH, which incorporated a QR code into its advertisement. This allowed pedestrians to interact and access additional content about Colombia. The campaign managed to surpass 850,000 views with a total of 2,357,618 OTS (Opportunity To See). The choice of two high-traffic pedestrian and vehicular spots allowed for excellent results, impacting the target audience with over 356,000 series views.

In addition, Vizcaíno highlighted the work done for Promperú, as part of the 'Promperú Transformers' campaign, where the communication strategy focused on the major cities that welcome millions of travellers: the iconic Times Square in New York City and Los Ángeles de Interlomas in Mexico City. The Out of Home campaign media used in these populous and busy cities included large digital formats on the streets and screens in premium cinemas across all markets, linking the release of this mega-production to the beautiful and unique landscapes offered by Peru's diverse and magnificent geography, achieving a total of 42,009,140 OTS.


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