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AirAsia goes full throttle with pDOOH to power mega sale take-off

By M4G Bureau - December 06, 2022

A whopping 7 million free seats were offered to celebrate an incredible 700 million passengers flown in conjunction with the airline’s 21st anniversary.

AirAsia OOH campaign

On November 7 AirAsia launched a ‘Mega Sale’ – offering a whopping 7 million free seats to celebrate the milestone of flying 700 million passengers as well as the airline’s 21st anniversary. The 7-day was supported by a dynamic DOOH campaign with a countdown on each day of the sale. The campaign ran on 40 DOOH screens across Malaysia.

A key campaign objective was to be seen as often as possible and create an urgency for audiences to book their free seats before the campaign ran out. AirAsia worked with Moving Walls to activate the campaign. Through the Moving Audiences platform, the brand was able to identify the most relevant locations and times to reach travellers and deliver the most impressions.

AirAsia DOOH Campaign

Within seven days, the campaign reached 4.10 million impressions. To influence user activation, AirAsia also leveraged Moving Walls’ dynamic ad-serving capabilities to add a countdown element that changed every day across all the screens.

DOOH campaign for AirAsia

According to Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and Group CEO at Moving Walls, “It made perfect sense for AirAsia to use Programmatic DOOH to create awareness of their biggest sale ever. They quite literally painted the town red and, more importantly, were able to verify that the campaign was able to successfully deliver against forecasted impressions.”

AirAsia brand's digital panel

The promotion showcased multiple creatives of the different destinations that audiences could look forward to when booking the campaign. This element of flexibility is possible on digital panels and allows brands to test responses to different creatives.

“Digital screens outside the home have become a permanent feature in places where audiences spend most of their time. We must be able to stay nimble and run measurable tactical campaigns in this format too. Our partnership with Moving Walls is enabling us to experiment with different executions on Digital OOH and the use of dynamic creatives is just the beginning,” said Mahek Shah, Head, Account Management at AirAsia.  



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