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The Humble ‘Lauki’ Continues to Enthrall Viewers: Prime Video’s Unmissable Marketing Triumph for Panchayat Season 3

By Sakshi Sanghavi - May 27, 2024

Phulera’s favourite laukis transformed into larger-than-life inflatable balloons, displaying Panchayat’s new season premiere date! They rode atop local cabs in Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur, and were strategically positioned in key markets leading up to the launch

Prime Video's unique marketing for Panchayat Season 3 at Juhu Beach, featuring the iconic lauki inflatable.

Prime Video, India’s most loved entertainment destination, has once again turned heads with yet another unique marketing campaign for its upcoming Amazon Original series Panchayat Season 3, launching on May 28.  Following closely on the heels of a highly successful first round of a hybrid marketing campaign undertaken for the grand unveiling of the premiere date of the series, Prime Video came up with yet another novel promotional idea. Panchayat’s iconic mascot – lauki – was seen in a new and unique avatar; as giant inflatable balloons.

The giant lauki balloon promoting Panchayat Season 3 at Raj Mandir, Jaipur

This campaign highlights how brilliance often lies in simplicity, turning an underestimated vegetable into a captivating symbol that grabs everyone's attention and generates intriguing conversations, and not just Panchayat fans. The lauki's makeover parallels the series’ narrative, where seemingly ordinary elements take on extraordinary significance. The three-day marketing campaign, carried out from May 25 to May 27, saw these gigantic lauki-shaped inflatable balloons stamped with the Panchayat premiere date, atop taxies, roaming across Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur. These Lauki balloons were also placed in popular public locations, creating huge buzz and anticipation about Panchayat and its new season’s premiere date. From May 25onwards, Mumbaikars spotted them at Juhu beach and Carter Road and Jaipur residents saw them at the iconic Raj Mandir movie theatre.

axi adorned with Panchayat Season 3's lauki inflatable in Mumbai

From May 27 onwards, the balloons are featured at crowd-pulling locations of Connaught Place and South Extension in Delhi. A simple yet groundbreaking marketing campaign kept the fans excited, building anticipation for the return of Panchayat on Prime Video.


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