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Mobile app CMC Invest launches multi-channel campaign in Singapore to amplify its ‘radical transparency’ assurance

By M4G Bureau - December 05, 2023

Alongside Grab and Media360, the launch of CMC Invest reaches consumers through OOH displays, Grab ads, social media platforms, MRT station door ads, and in-person activation gifting.

Singapore – CMC Invest (Singapore), in collaboration with its integrated agency partner, Edelman Singapore, has unveiled the launch of its trading platform, CMC Invest. This state-of-the-art mobile app transforms the retail trading sphere with a pioneering focus on "Radical Transparency." 

CMC Invest screen

During the surge in the retail investment market caused by the pandemic, investors often found themselves tangled in obscured fees and tricky sign-up bonuses that are buried in fine print. CMC Invest disrupts this narrative by empowering them to invest on a platform dedicated to transparency. 

“CMC Invest is a declaration – a beacon of "Radical Transparency" that redefines the trading landscape. The platform champions clear Terms & Conditions, a user-friendly interface, and unprecedented transparent pricing. With a firm stance against hidden costs, CMC Invest boldly declares a new era by abolishing platform, inactivity, settlement, or custody fees,” cites a company statement. 

“Edelman's comprehensive omnichannel brand and acquisition campaign for the platform breaks away from the conventional norms, symbolised by a transparent asterisk that hijacks the traditional approach of hiding details in the fine print. This symbol represents CMC Invest's unwavering commitment to upfront communication and transparency,” states the company. 

To simplify financial concepts, CMC Invest introduces the "World of CMC": a whimsical domain, developed in collaboration with a local illustrator, that sheds light on essential financial concepts in an enjoyable and easily understood manner. This campaign is a symbolic breakaway from asterisks, ushering a new era where complete transparency leads to an intricate understanding of portfolios. 

A call to the investing community 

To bolster understanding of the intricate trading world, CMC Invest (Singapore) launched a spirited TikTok campaign to discover its inaugural Stocktoker. Budding content creators are invited to answer, "What would you do if you were given SGD $10,000?" for a chance to win an array of cash, shares, enhanced access to the Invest platform, and a paid opportunity to craft educational content for CMC Invest's social media channels. With the prize pool valued at SGD $10,000, this campaign seeks to ignite passion and understanding among the investing community. 

Alongside Grab and Media360, the launch of CMC Invest was a resounding multi-channel success, reaching consumers through OOH displays, Grab ads, social media platforms, MRT station door ads, and even an in-person activation gifting new joiners with ice cream. 

At the heart of this extensive campaign is the brand film, illustrating the frustrations hidden fees can impose on everyday consumers. CMC Invest transcends being a mere platform; it's a dynamic movement, leading the charge towards a new era of transparent interaction with its audience. This holistic campaign stands as a testament to the brand's unwavering dedication to establishing a new standard of trust and transparency in the retail trading landscape. 

The journey to trust: a collaboration of dedication 

Nisha Sivanandan, Head of Strategy & Integrated Clients at Edelman Singapore, expressed deep admiration for CMC Invest (Singapore)'s unwavering commitment to transparency, stating, "The campaign resonates the essence of trust. CMC Invest's dedication to clear and trustworthy information is commendable." 

Melissa Lwee-Ramsay, Country Marketing Manager Singapore for CMC Invest (Singapore), echoed the sentiment, highlighting, "At CMC Invest (Singapore), transparency stands as our foundational principle. Our collaboration with Edelman Singapore in shaping the creative direction of the CMC Invest platform embodies the ethos of 'Radical Transparency.' Going beyond intuitive design and unambiguous Terms & Conditions, our innovative campaign challenges conventions with a transparent asterisk, symbolising our unwavering dedication to eliminating hidden fees. Through creative projects such as 'World of CMC' and the Stocktocker campaign, we aim to enlighten investors. In partnership with Edelman, we strive to empower users by furnishing them with clear and concise information, thereby fostering a transparent investment experience. Our campaign sets a pioneering benchmark for trust in the financial landscape." 


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