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Lava'mesmerizes' the metros

By Jubilee Cardozo - November 06, 2014

After emerging as India's most promising brand and its stint in attempting to break the world record of longest self-photographs (selfie) relay chain, Lava International Ltd, has come out with an innovative out-of-home campaign at select premium sites in major cities and metros.

Lava International Ltd, the country's fourth-biggest smartphone maker, has been running an innovative OOH campaign for its recently launched Iris X1 smartphone with the tagline "Get Mesmerized”. Speaking about this, Tarun Verma, Head Marketing, Lava International Ltd, says: "Given the product positioning, the task on hand was to select premium sites in major metros and execute an innovation instead of a vanilla flex-based display. The campaign was rolled out in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai.” 

For this innovative campaign, major roads and stretches with high traffic density were identified. The visibility index of each site on the stretch was evaluated taking into consideration parameters like distance to view, elevation, clutter, lit/non-lit base, wind pressure and size. Post the evaluation, conventional media was taken up in all metros with some unconventional media in Chennai such as BQS.

Elaborating on the challenges faced while executing this campaign, Verma says, "We faced challenges in ensuring a seamless execution as high quality imported LED modules and Lava letters made of milky white acrylic were used. Since these hoardings were huge and were executed on big format media, to transport, make them stand out and safety of material was the major concern.”

Some of the materials used to make these innovative hoardings were milky white acrylic embedded with LED modules to create Lava letters. Huge mobile cutout units were made of GI sheet with back-to-back high quality printing and then complete unit of Lava letters and mobile cutouts were fixed on flex base at the site.

The fabrication has been done through Percept OOH sub-vendor Balaji Media Inc and Addition Outdoor, who have executed this project as per inputs provided by Percept Out Of Home - Idea Studio.

"This is a pan-India innovative campaign at key metro cities on major impact full sites and supported with normal hoardings displayed at key arterial locations to create visibility. In major tier 2 cities, the same campaign has been executed through vanilla flex hoardings,” shares Verma.
When asked what is been done for the regular maintenance of these hoardings and its proper functioning, Verma says,"Our team does weekly monitoring and supervision of all the sites, where they check the material and equipment installed so as to maintain proper functioning of the hoardings.”

According to the brand, this campaign has been running since June 2014 and has garnered huge visibility from the public, which has helped in creating a distinct brand image for Lava specifically in metros. The quality of execution and a non-cluttered communication helped establish the product proposition in the minds of the consumers.

"Execution at all sites was carried out by a single agency to ensure consistency in delivery and quality. The campaign has received very positive qualitative feedback on the ground and from all stakeholders in the eco-system. As far as sales volume is concerned, Iris X1 has been a success story for Lava and has contributed in a significant manner to its smartphone sales volume in Q3 of this year” reveals Verma.

LAVA International Ltd was established in 2009 and is amongst the top Indian brands in the mobile handset industry.

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