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Creating a sublime effect

By Chanda Kumar - December 31, 2014

Sublime House of Tea recently held a tea-tasting activity at the UB City, Bangalore, where the event successfully created curiosity among passers-by and enticed them to find out more about the brand and its product range.

A beautifully lit up gazebo set against the sunset, created curiosity amongst all present at The Collection, UB City in Bangalore. Sublime House of Tea decided to connect with its target audience through a unique initiative which created awareness of the product through a subtle and soothing experience. Promoted by the Prestige Group and Sublime Galleria, the brand created a gazebo at the fountain area, where people had an opportunity to relax over a refreshing cup of tea, while a violinist played soothing music in the background. Held during the fifth edition of the'Trousseau Week', South India's only wedding festival, the activity aimed at making Indian consumers aware of the various flavours and blends of tea that Sublime has introduced to the market, while sharing additional information about the nutritional values of the various flavours.

"Sublime House of Tea was started with the intention of introducing these niche flavours and blends to the Indian market while creating awareness of their positive health effects, thus giving people more options as in the long run, as tea has less caffeine than coffee and is a healthier beverage option. Also, with the increasing presence of expatriates and NRIs across the key metros, Sublime aims to offer them exotic flavours with Indian premium tea as base,” said Uzma Irfan - Executive Director, Prestige Group and Founder, Sublime Galleria.  

The brand targeted all walk-ins during the'Trousseau Week' and promoted Sublime House of Tea as an ideal option for serving friends and family during wedding functions. The tea tasting activity also attracted corporates and executives from the MNCs housed at UB City.

Conceptualized by Uzma Irfan and set up by Phase 1, an event management company, the brand's unique activity was held over a week and received great response from the walk-ins.

"Sublime House of Tea received an overwhelming response during the Jaguar'Trousseau Week' 2014. It was very interesting to study people's reactions to the various blends and flavours on offer. Most people were not even aware of the flavours and it was pleasant to see them enjoying each cup. The feedback from everyone was extremely positive and many people mentioned that they felt refreshed and stimulated after drinking the tea. A lot of people also bought the retail packs on sale after tasting the tea,” Uzma expresses.

Having launched in 2013, the company claims that it is still a relatively new brand in the market and is just starting to create a niche for itself. Sublime House of Tea expressed that in the coming year, it plans to have many such activities, on a larger scale in several cities across India.


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