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Clensta International targets B2B & B2C market with common pDOOH campaign

By M4G Bureau - February 27, 2020

Executed in Vadodara, the brand rolled out a DOOH campaign with no turn-around time in association with Locad

Clensta International, an innovative waterless healthcare solution providing brand rolled out a multi-objective campaign – create brand awareness & develop local distribution channel in the Vadodara market. A new age brand opted for a technology driven pDOOH campaign with the help of Locad’s ScreenO where they executed a campaign on 66 VMD display screens as the brand wanted to try out new innovative ways of reaching out to their customer and audiences.

Commenting on the campaign, Puneet Gupta, CEO & Founder of Clensta International shares, “It was exciting that with one click we could literally cover the entire city across LOCAD's 66 VMD network of 65" OUTDOOR LED. Their programmatic platform allowed us to advertise multiple creatives at different locations at the same time. The ability to target hyperlocal or otherwise at scale really changes the way we can reach out to our audiences.”

The complete campaign right from planning to execution was done end to end on pDOOH platform. Talking about the platform, Gupta says, “We could launch a campaign in Vadodara while sitting in Delhi with complete transparency and control. Moreover, the targeting parameters and detailed log reports are truly revolutionary”. The brand has been able to effectively target both B2C and B2B segment via one single campaign.

“DOOH will surely be an integral part of our roll out moving forward”, sums up Puneet.


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