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All about car insurance

By Amrit Mishra - March 04, 2024

ACKO redefines car insurance perceptions with a groundbreaking OOH campaign featuring Saif and Sara Ali Khan, bridging tradition and innovation.

Acko OOH campaign

ACKO, India's premier direct-to-consumer insurance company, has launched an innovative out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign. This campaign features the popular father-daughter Bollywood duo of Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan. It aims to debunk the myths commonly associated with the insurance purchasing process.

Opting for an OOH advertising strategy underscores ACKO's inventive methods of engaging with its target audience. By utilising areas with heavy foot traffic and strategic location placements, the campaign guarantees high visibility, sparking discussions among viewers about the changing landscape of insurance purchases. The compelling visuals of the OOH ads are designed not only to capture attention but also to inspire viewers to revaluate their insurance purchasing behaviours.

Bringing Saif and Sara Ali Khan on board adds an element of familiarity and charm. Their real-life father-daughter relationship lends credibility to the portrayal of evolving views on insurance, making the campaign's message more impactful. Their widespread popularity serves to connect with various age groups, enhancing the inclusiveness and reach of the campaign's message.

This campaign represents a significant achievement for ACKO as it continues to disrupt the norm and pave the way for a more consumer-centric insurance industry. By choosing an OOH advertising route, ACKO is not just expanding its audience but also reinforcing its dedication to innovation and educating consumers. As the campaign unfolds across different cities, it is set to initiate discussions and shift public opinion towards a more enlightened and contemporary method of making insurance choices.


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