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Adventure 18 - A daring campaign

By Bhawana Anand - April 25, 2013

The adventure gear store and DDB Mudra Mumbai activated an enthralling outdoor campaign to revive the excitement in adventure sports.

The corporate culture has faded out the excitement of sports like biking, swimming and trekking, where people are more interested in angry birds' fight and solving the criminal cases on social networking sites. Therefore, to ignite the spark of adventure amongst corporate employees, Adventure 18, the adventure gear store, designed an audacious OOH activity in association with DDB Mudra Mumbai. The campaign was executed in six offices across Mumbai.
DDB Mudra Mumbai ideated and executed the campaign to revive the meaning of adventure. The agency discovered the idea of using'window washers', who carry out a dare devilish yet overlooked activity to catch the attention of office-goers.  The campaign showcased a team of window washers dressed up in adventure gear, who were sent down office buildings located across the city of Mumbai. And when these window washers caught the attention of the office employees, they revealed their message: "Don't you wish you were outdoors?” The message continued to give the website address of Adventure 18.  Tryangles Production was involved in the campaign for production unit work.
Talking about the campaign, Louella Rebello, Executive Creative Director, DDB Mudra Mumbai shared, "Sometimes you are at work; you look out of the window and wish you could be in the great outdoors instead. We decided to actually put a guy out there telling you to do just that. Adventure 18 was a great partner in making this happens.”According to the agency, OOH medium was a perfect medium to depict the flavour of adventure and the fun related to adventure.
 However, the execution wasn't fun filled for the agency.  Primarily, the client wanted the campaign to happen in a cost-effective and'buzz-able' way possible. Therefore, cracking something clutter breaking and courageous was a task.  The other challenge was to put the right team together to carry out the activity. From finding the right locations, to a production unit that could execute the campaign and bringing the whole concept together was quite an effort for the agency.
While talking about the idea, Mohit Oberoi, Owner, Adventure 18, said, "It's a great concept. More importantly, it's brought attention to what we do and stand for as a company. That is to give people an unforgettable experience of the outdoors.”
The amount of ambient activities is happening in the industry, it surely showcases a different future of OOH medium.  "I think the era of the hoarding is done. It's become harder and harder for advertisers to catch the attention of consumers.  Fresh thinking is the need of the hour for brands and agencies. And ambient advertising lends itself beautifully to this objective with its ability to mould itself to the idea, whatever it may be”, Louella shared her viewpoint.  
At the end of the campaign few people got scared, some were amused, but everyone took note of the men in adventure gear and the result was overwhelming.

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