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Left goes green for election promo

By Bhawana Anand - April 09, 2019

The campaign for Kerala’s Left Democratic Front (LDF), handled by Maitri Advertising Works, has been executed on cotton fabric

LDFLeading political part of Kerala, the Left Democratic Front (LDF), is among the few adhering to the recommendation issued by the Election Commission of India on eco-friendly outdoor promotions in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. The political party has employed cotton-fabric material for the complete promotions. Maitri Advertising Works, a leading media owning firm, is handling the outdoor duties of the political party. “LDF is a well-planned missionary which works with proper planning in terms of candidates and agenda; so, their 360-degree campaign has also been designed well in advance, where the party had decided to employ the eco-friendly matter. And even the smallest site has been plastered with 100% cotton fabric material across the state,” shares LDFRaju Menon, Director, Maitri Advertising Works.

The media owning firm has supplied the material from different states to meet the huge requirement. “We have allocated the material from different places such as Surat, Baroda and Coimbatore.”

The cotton fabric has definitely added up to the cost, which led to a reduction in the scale of the campaign. “To manage the budgets within green parameters, we had to sacrifice on the reach of the campaign, which worked positively as it led to reduce in wastage,” adds Raju.

While there were some operational challenges in the usage of the fabric, Raju says it was in line with the objective of the party and adds that they worked hard on ensuring success. He, however, refused to share the scale of the campaign, in terms of numbers.



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