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‘Transit will power classic OOH growth’

By Rajiv Raghunath - February 04, 2019

Alexander Epin, CEO, TMG Russia comments on business prospects in 2019

What were the 3 most important factors that influenced OOH business in the Russia market in the year 2018?

Three factors that influenced OOH business during 2018 were: FIFA World Cup held in Russia, development of digital inventory and administrative regulation in terms of municipal programme that structures OOH landscape.

What would be the top 3 factors driving OOH growth in the year 2019?

Application of audience data is expected to increase OOH CPT in 2019, which is now in Russia 4 times lower than average.

A more focused approach to use of all technological advantages of digital motion media can drive higher revenues from OOH, whereas development of classic formats should not be left aside. Classic OOH media still generate around 70% of money and have their own advantages. E.g. advertising on transport is one of the strongest segments of classical out-of-home, that drives large scale advertising in the city centres where other large OOH formats are not allowed.



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