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'Rate brands to solve credit issues'

By M4G Bureau - July 17, 2013

Amol Dhillon - Vice President Strategy & Planning - Woodland, shares with us his thoughts on the various issues affecting the out of home advertising industry including credit issues faced by media owners, monitoring this medium , budget allotment and more. Read on...

Measuring the medium
There are many ways of measuring ROI. Primarily it is done during sale or discounts related to a campaign, then the footfalls in the stores automatically go up. Measurement is a function of a lot of different parameters. But as far as brands are concerned, they can get the benchmark when people and media start talking about it, which gives a positive impact. We also keep doing some measurement practices to get the results. The measurement is very questionable. For example, if I am running a TVC or a print advertisement, no one can claim that everyone witnessed it or not. It is about the priorities in terms of medium that work for the brand. I think Outdoor is a very important medium for our brand.

Percentage of advertising spend on Outdoor medium

We spend around 20% of total marketing spends on OOH. OOH has been a very important medium for us. We believe that Woodland being an outdoor brand, our presence on outdoor medium is a must. Also, another reason is that most of the people these days are travelling and commuting. OOH is expensive but whatever is good, comes with a cost. There is a lot of demand for a few sites, therefore they are bound to be expensive. But the condition is that the money should be spent accurately. If you have taken a clutter free site and designed with creative, then it definitely creates an impression on the consumers and the recall value is high. Even the ROI comes from that recall value. This will increase because digital is complementing this in a big way. TV, OOH and digital are very big for us and connecting these three medium innovatively is going to deliver to the brands.

Preferred outdoor format

It is a mix of formats like hoardings, technology. Also we go for malls as it has huge number of footfalls. We take a mix of formats that attract our TG. We have seen quick results from Outdoors. Once the hoarding is up, it really translates into the store sales. We have more than 200 stores in India and at all the small places like Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Raipur and etc, we take hoardings near universities and schools which right away takes the store sales up. We have been very consistent in spending during sales period. But we have always shied away from regular campaigns. We take a different approach altogether, rather than going for quantity; we go for quality in terms of good site and creative work. Our TG includes 16-24 year olds who are very active, always moving and not shy of scanning any QR code. So we are planning to roll out technology filled campaigns.

Focus on digital OOH

Everyday things are changing and that is the beauty of the technology. Doing one big campaign on digital OOH medium at airports can amplify the social media platform. Digital OOH helps the TG in experiencing things. But the technology should be more affordable.

Creative agencies –Their focus or the lack of it on OOH & their creativity

I think it depends on the brands as it is they who push the creative agencies. If brands want to take the plan to the next level. It fairly depends on the brandsÂ’ brief on which medium they want to concentrate on. This has to come from the brands rather than the creative agencies.

Credit issues faced by media owners

Credit issues happen in every field and business. For this, media owners can do the credit rating on brands. If any brand is not paying on time then the rating should be done for them and they should get fined or penalty charged.

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