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OOH scoop with a dash of innovation

By M4G Bureau - February 13, 2013

The brand's creative approach is to stay unique, fresh and plan innovations with an open mind.

Dainik Jagran, a popular daily newspaper brand has successfully leveraged both the print and the OOH mediums, creating a perfect sync between the two, also innovated lot of formats to add a wow factor to the city and the outdoor industry in the process. Discussing the equation between the brand and the OOH medium, Dinesh Dixit, Sr. Manager- Strategy & Brand Development, Dainik Jagran says, "Indeed outdoor as a medium works for our brand. When you have a particular set of readers and customers and when you know where these figures are coming from and what your circulation distribution is, then it becomes important how you cater to the entire city. This is because, in a city of 10 lakh residents you can't actually publish 10 lakh copies, and it may be 1-1.5 lakh, so in that case outdoor becomes an essential tool for us. If we actually want to penetrate the market we have to have a strategic approach towards the implementation. This is where outdoor comes in; it makes it very easy for us while planning any campaign, be it a thematic campaign or a consumer centric campaign”.
Dainik Jagran has also developed several new formats like dhaba branding, designer pole kiosks, etc. "On a highway, you will notice that there are lesser number of hoardings, so capturing a dhaba and doing a branding definitely gives more eyeballs. When a car is in high speed of about 100-120 kmsph, then the overall branding creates an impact. It is also quite manageable because we are quite fortunate enough to have an agency like Jagran Engage and they have a lot of manpower to interact with that particular vendor,” says Vinod Shrivastava, GM- Strategy & Brand Development, Dainik Jagran.

The brand's creative approach is to stay unique, fresh and plan innovations with an open mind. Also the creative depends on the nature of the campaign and different innovations. The brand's OOH strategy essentially involves using media parameters in a way that it connects with the whole city. 
Speaking about the size of formats and also the share of spends on OOH, Dinesh adds, "In terms of outdoor formats, we believe in bigger formats as we are a big brand and we always try to communicate in a big manner. Since our communication is that Dainik Jagran is the largest daily newspaper, we don't buy smaller formats like 20/10.
We spend approximately 50% of our advertising share on OOH medium.” Vinod for his part talks proudly about the agency's role, "We have an excellent team of professionals in our agency. And, we have got very good support from them. Being from the same family also makes a lot of difference. The agency's senior management is also very supportive. Thanks to them and the whole team, the campaign has been executed much faster than would have been expected. We look forward to such support in the future too.”

Recently the brand conducted a research in Punjab in partnership with ACNielsen and the results showed that 80-90% people recalled the'Nasha Mukt' activity. It also proved that 80-90% of the readers, or the segment comprising the'common man' was reached, which was pretty satisfying for the brand. Going ahead, Dainik Jagran plans to be in step with the changing trends in the outdoor medium and is all geared up for more innovations and bigger formats or sites. 

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