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‘OOH proved itself as a boon for JadeBlue’

By Pray Jani - August 20, 2020

Jitendra Chauhan, CMD, JadeBlue, shares how OOH has been proving itself as an effective media in reviving their business, affected by the impact of Covid19

Where other brands were sceptical about making a comeback, this Gujarat-based brand JadeBlue has launched two consecutive OOH campaigns after the state government relaxed restrictions on businesses post-lockdown. He believes that outdoor media has helped them in crating marketing strategies to develop brand value and recall. Edited excerpts:

 1.       How has the pandemic affected your business? What all marketing strategies are you applying to fuel your business revival?

The pandemic has affected our business badly. Sales declined between 70% and 80% as the aftermath of the pandemic. We are resuming our services by making effective marketing plans and campaigns.

2.       How is outdoor media helping you in the revival?

OOH media has helped us to maintain our strong brand presence in the market. Through banners, we regularly update our customers regarding ongoing sales and product promotions. Therefore, during this pandemic period, we can say that OOH media has proved itself as a boon for JadeBlue in every way.

3.      Is OOH a budget friendly media in these times?

Yes, definitely! OOH is a budget friendly media. We have prepared several marketing banners for selected places and cities.

4.       You have been actively leveraging OOH media post-lockdown. What kind of response your recent campaigns have received?

OOH media has immensely helped us in all our marketing campaigns carried out post-lockdown. It helps us to leverage the power of advertising in a remarkable way.

5.       What kind of challenges the pandemic has posed in the execution of campaigns?

The pandemic has posed many challenges for our campaigns. Due to loss incurred because of Covid19, we have to limit our campaigns to certain cities. We appreciate the unmatched support and co-operation received from OOH media owners during this difficult time. Hoping this collaboration turns out to be a win-win situation for all of us.

6.       What are the changes you made with respect to parameters for OOH media planning?

We have carried out major changes in our OOH planning parameters owing to the current pandemic situation. Previously, we had a practice to use marketing banners on a regular basis, but currently we are limiting our focus to seasonal campaigns by setting up hoardings and banners in prime locations of selected cities. In the future, we would be carrying out outdoor marketing campaigns in accordance with new developments and market scenario. 

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