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‘OOH must have an Ad-Ex at least’

By Bhawana Anand - September 04, 2017

Pawan Bansal, COO, Jagran Engage, says that OOH advertising itself is not being promoted enough. He talks about the different dimensions of Indian OOH business in an interview with Bhawana Anand. Edited excerpts:

What steps would you advocate to increase OOH share of the ad pie?

The main issue that plagues the industry is the lack of measurement and absence of advertisement-expenditure. From the IOAA side, we wanted to start research in terms of getting measurement metrics in place but it incurs a huge amount of investment and the stakeholders -- media agencies and media concessionaires -- aren’t coming forward to invest the required amount of money to develop the process. Hence, it is standstill as of now. Even I have come to know that few people took up the initiative to create an Advertisement-Expenditure for OOH industry but I am not aware of its progress but yes clients must get concrete data, I would say even traffic counts would do.
As of now, people work on the gut feeling that OOH medium works. All stakeholders have a role to play in this. For instance, specialist agencies work on a proprietary tool for media planning; however, there is nothing to substantiate the returns on investments made by clients. There is no such data available as of now. We definitely need to get such metrics in place. At least an Ad-Ex need to be put in place to assess the spends made by different categories. This is to provide a basic understanding to the client so that each client can measure spends as per competition.

The media owners’ services should provide a basic hygiene of all the campaigns such as proper illumination and clean flex placement. It involves the turnaround time, monitoring and the way flexes are getting mounted. This is the reason brands like to work with professional companies like JCDecaux, Jagran Engage & Pioneer Publicity. It is a give & take from both sides.

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