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‘Media planning agencies have to be media neutral’

By Bhawana Anand - September 25, 2017

Nabendu Bhattacharya, CEO & MD, Milestone Brandcom, shares his thoughts on the key measures needed for OOH to gain a larger share of the ad pie. Edited excerpts of the interview:

What steps would you advocate to increase OOH share of the ad pie?

a. Industry unified OOH measurement and a common currency.

b. Strong industry body at the national level like OAAA & FEPE to control OOH industry and set rules for the industry. Its sole responsibility should be given to a professional with no vested interest to run the Industry body, like OAAA.

c. Media planning agencies have to be media neutral and not to be partial to their own P&L objective. Advertisers must come forward to demand for a media neutral plan from the planning agencies and set aside the budget at beginning of the year for each media channel including OOH.

d. Industry needs to follow best practices from developed countries which have proven track of organising the industry and earning the respect of stakeholders.
e. Attract best talent to the industry.

f. Creative agencies should work hard on coming out with medium specific creatives and not copy paste of press creatives.

g. New technology induction should be enhanced to give ammunition to creative brains to build communications keeping in mind needs of the brands.

h. Robust & transparent third-party monitoring or Industry body led monitoring should be initiated.

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