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‘Innovation is vital for OOH’

By Ria Banerjee - March 16, 2020

Vinod Kumar Gupta, MD, Dollar Industries talks about the brand’s OOH advertising experience. Edited excerpts

Vinod Kumar Gupta, MD, Dollar IndustriesDo you see a key part for OOH advertising in your brand building efforts?

We are living in an era where there are multifarious consumer segments and consumers in general are willing to have the experience of using new brands. OOH makes a brand aspirational. We have been using outdoor media for our brand communications and product promotions.

What share of your ad spends gores for OOH?

Around 9-10% of the company’s total turnover has been invested in brand building exercise, out of which 20-25% has been allocated for outdoor advertising.

How do you plan your campaigns to be executed on railway media?

Advertisements on railway media are an extension of the overall OOH campaign. Railway media takes your brand to places that conventional media does not reach. So, we use this media to reach target audiences that are not easily connected by conventional media.


What is your experience with using OOH in Tier I & II markets?

Tier I markets are constantly evolving in terms of outdoor advertising. Starting from the traditional media to today’s digital media, there is good availability of media and many options to choose from. In the case of Tier II markets, OOH media options are much fewer. Although in some Tier II markets we do get outdoor media options to choose from, the quality of media may not be at par with what is available in Tier I markets.

How do you monitor and assess the impact of your OOH brand campaigns?

Dollar Industries has a huge numbers of channel partners in the sales network. These partners undertake the surveys at regular intervals and send us the feedback, both in terms of impact of the campaign and the quality of media used.

What strategy do you employ to break out of the general clutter in the OOH space?

We use a mix of different OOH formats for our brand campaigns. We believe innovation is the key to running an impactful OOH campaign. Good creatives with soothing colour combinations and good visualisation are clutter breakers.

Also, the key to getting good RoI on OOH advertising is ensuring a high degree of brand visibility across OOH formats, without coming across as too loud and screaming for attention.

What changes do you expect to see in the OOH market?

While the biggest advantage of opting for OOH is that it can’t be switched off or blocked by consumers. However, I would like to see more innovations in the OOH plans, formats and campaign execution.




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