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‘Aggressive growth of DOOH will continue in all markets’

By Rajiv Raghunath - August 20, 2018

Barry Frey, President & CEO of Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA), says that digital OOH is not limited screens. Rather, digital technologies in the OOH space cover a gamut of areas like audience targeting, mobile/location/visual detection or other types of data, programmatic trading, automated systems, etc. Barry is extremely bullish on DOOH growth prospects across geographies.

How do you see digital OOH growth in different markets around the globe? Do you expect digital OOH to displace conventional / classic media in the coming years?

The aggressive growth of DOOH will continue in all markets.  OOH is increasingly becoming digital in all global markets.  We define Digital Out of Home as companies that embrace digital.  This is not only limited to screens.  If there are seemingly classic type of displays but they embrace audience targeting, mobile/location/visual detection or other types of data, programmatic trading, automated systems and the like, then these OOH media are digital media opportunities for consumers and marketers. Of course, digital displays further empower advertisers and deliver more relevant useful content and advertising to consumers.  The ability to send video programming, ads addressable by audience, time, weather and other factors is powerful, thereby driving revenue and growth.

In most countries, DOOH media is largely confined to controlled, indoor environments. Do you see large format digital OOH media becoming popular in the days to come?

Yes absolutely.  The innovative work being done by companies like Intel, Esprit Digital and others are making big bright, weather and environment proof displays are proliferating globally.  And as indicated consumers and advertisers want this.  Our early membership was focused more in these controlled environments.  DPAA has had exponential growth globally from Times Square to Piccadilly Circus with world class companies like Ocean Outdoor to Clear Channel.  Also, as we increasingly become urban, mobile societies spending more time out and about we will see these trends continue.

With digital OOH equipment and technologies constantly evolving, are media owners running the risk of their DOOH inventory becoming out-dated in a relatively short span of time?

As DOOH advertising is fast approaching 50% of ad revenue the economics will work for updates and replacements where needed.   Of course, software updates like those in Tesla cars, don’t require changes in or to hardware.

Using AR / VR and other interactive technologies, do you think advertising on DOOH formats can deliver an entirely new experience for the brands and consumers alike?

Yes.  At a recent DPAA member meeting we had IPG and Two Goats Advertising present ground breaking “experiential” ad campaigns utilising outdoor advertising.  We will see much more of this to come.

From the buyers’ perspective, how easy or difficult it is to plan and buy media? Do you expect to see any big changes with regard to DOOH planning and buying?

Well, as we are moving from the “Mad Man” age of advertising to the “Math Men” era, we are employing more algorithmic, data and machine driven models of media planning and buying.  At DPAA, we established the global standards for OOH Programmatic trading for creative and tech protocols.  As early drivers of programmatic in OOH, we encourage our global members to embrace all forms of media selling from high touch, long term, very involved sponsorships all the way through to more automated systems.  These changes will continue to make media planning and buying more effective and efficient.  At the same time the power, impact and reach of great OOH advertising planning and buying with high human involvement is still unmatched.

Do you see advertising showing a particular preference for digital OOH media?

Yes, definitely due to three factors.  We are seeing more fragmentation and less effectiveness globally of in-home media.  Press, radio, tv, desktop use are more compromised and challenged than ever.  Secondly, society is spending more time being mobile, outside the home and urban. Thirdly, OOH is bringing all of the digital ad aspects and opportunities to advertisers.

Which are the key areas where DPAA is working? Are you connected with the Indian OOH industry?

We are very proud of all our global DPAA Members from N. America to EMEA, Latin America and Asia.  Of particular note, we are extremely proud to be a partner of Vyoma, India’s largest integrated signage medium. Shriranga and Shoumitro have led the way for over 10 years of bringing great innovation to India transit and advertising that is admired by all of our global DPAA Members.  Additionally, next year, we will be hosting our first DPAA Video Everywhere Summit in Mumbai, continuing our successful runs in US and Canada.  In fact, our Global Summit will be held this year in New York on October 30, again attracting over 900 industry leaders to hear from global CMOs, ad agency and media leaders and worldwide newsmakers.


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