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When an auto ride says it loud and clear!

By M4G Bureau - June 09, 2021

The recent social media buzz about five youngsters going on a 1700km auto ride along the Western Ghats to promote the cause of girl child education, points to the innovative and engaging ways in which the ubiquitous auto can be leveraged as an advertising media.

A recent social media story about five youngsters going on an auto rickshaw ride from Bengaluru to Mumbai to create awareness about girl child education speaks a lot about the power of the transit medium to create buzz. 

Reportedly, five youngsters, Anshul Rai Sharma, Paul Kurian, Preetha Datta,  Vidur Singh, and Venkatesh Thapan, set out on a road trip in an auto rickshaw to spread education about girl child, in collaboration with the NGO Nanhi Kali.

The youngsters began their 1700km ride in a kaleidoscopic auto rickshaw, painted by an artist in Bengaluru. With two of them learning to drive the vibrant auto, the group rode along the picturesque Western Ghats, reportedly reaching Goa by April 15. 

The Ashoka University graduates, with the zeal to do something to raise awareness regarding the education of the girl child, chose the auto ride campaign to create impact and have already managed to  raise Rs 30 lakhs from various  companies, as per the report.

Besides pointing to the enterprising spirit of the youngsters and the unique manner in which they carried out their mission, the auto initiative is a testimony to the efficacy of the transit medium.  If five youngsters, armed with just loads of enthusiasm and a vehicle they just learnt to drive, could do so much, then corporates with budgets to spend and a fleet of such vehicles at their disposal, could surely possibly achieve a lot more, leveraging transit mediums like the ubiquitous auto rickshaws. 

In India’s vast and still untapped rural markets, transit mediums like auto rickshaws can be effective platforms to reach the target audience, whether to promote a brand or to simply spread awareness around a cause. At a time when brands and businesses are grappling with uncertainties and struggling to maintain  consumer connect,  this could be a great way to engage with their audiences and create buzz.



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