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‘We expect a spurt in business in the coming months’

By Rajiv Raghunath - September 17, 2021

Navneet Singh Dhingra, Director, Orango Solutions is hopeful that the festive season will provide an impetus to OOH business in the Punjab markets.

Navneet Singh Dhingra, Director<br>Orango Solutions Business recovery

“It would be too early to conclude that the OOH business has recovered but we did see good recovery in the six months leading up to March 2021. It is hoped that business will once again gain momentum as we approach the festive season. The Punjab legislative elections to be held in Feb March 2022 is also expected to significantly increase OOH spends in the state.

“This year the Diwali celebrations will be held in the month of November and that gives us sufficient time to attract more business in this period. That will be followed by the spends leading up to the New Year celebrations. We expect all brand categories to be very active in the OOH space in the coming months.”

Media at Golden Temple

“The Golden Temple area sees over 2 lakh footfalls every day, and that has been the case all through this Covid period. Hence, our media business in the Golden Temple area has performed reasonably well. We expect advertising on our media assets to go up further in the coming months.”

Business from agencies

“95% of our business is contracted directly from advertising clients. That said, we believe that airport media should figure more prominently in the media plans of agencies. There is a perception that airport media is expensive, which is unfounded.

“In any state there are no more than 2-3 airports. Airports cater to a major part of a state, if not the whole state. So, the airport media is consumed by people across an entire state, as opposed to any roadside media. This fact should be kept in view when media plans are prepared.”


“At an industry level there is not enough progress on the DOOH front. Unfortunately, DAVP has not empanelled DOOH media at Tier 2 airports.”


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