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Voice Dialogue Marketing- Did you hear about it?

By Pray Jani - March 20, 2020

Audio ads, one of the oldest mode of communications, is adorning a new avatar and finding relevance in marketing with improved technology and quality

Audio ads have always been an essential tool of communication  majorly in the remote regions but now the format is routing into metro cities with a new approach and possibilites into the vast infrastructures of Indian railways and metro networks.

The Managing Director of Ninja Media Creations Ranjith Chakkath offering audio ads calla this formay- Railway audio out-of-home advertising (RA-OOH) talks about the potential of the audio advertisement and says, “RA-OOH (Railway Audio Advertising) medium is non-stoppable that generates high attention reaching a massive captive audience. The high frequency hyperlocal RA-OOH ads build brand engagement and improve extensive brand impact. This augments the chance of brand notice-ability in the sub-conscious mind of the commuter audience.” 

Ninja Media Creations, present in 8 different states, offers railway audio advertisements at railway stations. 

Ninja Media Creations has also taken social awareness initiatives through the railway audio announcement systems and plug cards to spread awareness about different topics.
Commenting on the audio technology in the outdoor advertising space, Ranjith says, “Voice dialogue marketing is the most significant breakthrough in advertising in the last few years. Voice-enabled dialogue ads allow users to connect with commuters, literally having an emotional conversation with the audience. The medium offers good scope for innovation, creativity, engagement, and also provides room for experimentation. Since the audio ads are operated from a private server, the audio ads can be quickly uploaded/ accessed from a single location, take campaign live in a short span of time.” Audio ads have reached a stage where a daily reporting of the times it was played and data about the audience that the campaign targeted, can be generated.


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