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‘This is no time to sit back, but walk that extra mile’

By M4G Bureau - July 23, 2021

The Brand Sigma (TBS) is a full service OOH communication specialist agency that offers full range of services, from planning to execution backed by strong research, data and innovation. It is currently one of the fast-growing OOH advertising firms and one of the largest buyers of outdoor advertising space in India. Madan Seeni, CEO, The Brand Sigma shares with Media4Growth, the company’s approach to meeting client needs and how to stay relevant, agile and ahead of the curve.

Madan Seeni, CEO, The Brand SigmaWhat in your opinion gives TBS the competitive edge?

TBS takes a strategic and creative approach to client’s needs, as it has become more and more important for agencies to have the ability to take a holistic approach to our client’s business based on the current situation. We have adopted a disciplined planning and buying approach to facilitate processes that are customer and employee centric. The unique thing about TBS is that the agency has seen consistently high growth.

What were the critical factors behind the success?

There are two key reasons behind the consistent growth. First, great leadership from TBS management and second rung managerial talent pipeline that we have managed to build, which takes care of business. Secondly, our agency has diversified its business very significantly, spotting new client opportunities and developed deep knowledge to conduct those businesses. It is an interesting time in the world of advertising. With slow economic recovery on the horizon, TBS, foreseeing a turnaround in fortunes, is planning expansions to meet the evolving needs of its clients. To handle the influx of new accounts, the agency is in the process of recruiting competent OOH specialists.

Moving forward what does the OOH business need and how is TBS preparing for that?

The OOH business wants to be counted as an industry. It requires a certain degree of professionalism / corporatisation and investment in research at the industry level. TBS is investing in both in large scale, bringing about some standardization of the business practices. The new normal situation owing to Covid-19 has made OOH agencies increasingly feeling responsible for stewardship of their clients’ media budgets. TBS enables this progression at market scale, without adding any additional steps in the campaign delivery process, for media owners, advertisers and other stakeholders involved. TBS excels in reinforcing audience planning, buying automation, campaign optimisation, agile implementation, and accountability. This will ultimately lead to greater recognition of the valuable role that OOH can play in communications and hence more growth in demand.

Could you share some of the ways in which TBS navigated through the pandemic crisis and put in place a system to move ahead?

TBS is in touch with the clients on an individual basis, solving their queries and helping to bring back their confidence. Moreover, considering this as the right time to upgrade skills and upgrade infrastructure, TBS has taken initiatives at a group level to prop up its personnel. We have built a high performing team, culture and processes right in the midst of the crisis, which has improved productivity. As thought leaders in this space, TBS has introduced many effective ways to use the OOH and helping our clients and the media owners to improve on existing strategies to ensure maximum brand visibility. Our media planning combined with the strength of buying will respond in such a way to the changing dynamics of the industry that it gives robust return on investment to our clients.

During crisis, the companies have a choice to make. Every crisis throws up opportunities. This is no time to sit back, but rather walk that extra mile to keep the business running through every means available. With the onset of Covid-19, TBS immediately formed a taskforce which became part of our Business Contingency and Continuity Plan (BCCP) framework pertaining to Covid-19 which continuously monitored the situation and systematically put in place the support system needed for our employees. It is this humane approach that has makes TBS the best place to work in the industry.

How do you ensure OOH as an advertising medium gets the client attention it deserves?

We believe size is the core strength of the OOH medium. It creates an impact, gets attention and maximum visibility. OOH is a budget friendly media which helps to leverage the power of advertising in a remarkable way. TBS ensures that the OOH approach, overall strategy, ideas/ innovations presented and shared with our clients are meaningful. Our goal is to bring justice to the brand communication. Our focus is to build trust and a strong partnership with its clients. Once we get an approval, we do not leave any stone unturned to make things possible. This is what helps us stay ahead of the curve.

We also advise clients on how they should continue to look for opportunities within the shifting media scenario and come up with smart and innovative marketing strategies to remain relevant in their consumer’s mind even during these unprecedented times. TBS believes in standing out from the crowd, even if that means taking the road less travelled.


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