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RoshanSpace Brandcom’s towering ‘Bandra Focal’ smart billboard attracting top brands

By Rajiv Raghunath - November 22, 2021

The company states that the iconic media asset was developed with the vision to “accentuate the aspirational value of some of our most beloved brands and give their marquee campaigns a premium touch.”

The ‘Bandra Focal’ project, a towering 120ft x 122ft outdoor media asset that is billed as Asia’s largest billboard -- recently launched and operated by OOH media company RoshanSpace Brandcom – has already evinced interest among top advertising brands like Facebook, Appy Fizz, WhatsApp, and Reliance Group. The gigantic billboard, located near the Bandra Rail Overbridge on Mumbai’s Western Express Highway, overlooking the Arabian Sea, “Was born with a vision to accentuate the aspirational value of some of our most beloved brands and give their marquee campaigns a premium touch to make their campaigns even more remarkable,” states the company.

Junaid Shaikh, Managing Director<br>RoshanSpace Brandcom“We made this impossible project happen even during torrential monsoon rains and the Covid lockdown,” the company posits. The structure is made up of 700 tons of steel and took 30,000 manhours of work for it to take its current form that has been described as “pure beauty in geometry. Offering unmatched visibility”. The site’s structural stability has been approved by IIT Bombay and the Traffic Department issued the NoC for its operation.

Junaid Shaikh, Managing Director of RoshanSpace Brandcom, tells Media4Growth that the inspiration behind the launch of this iconic media asset was to transform Mumbai’s OOH skyline “creating and constructing the most aesthetically  appealing and globally iconic asset”.

At a time when the OOH industry had been severely impacted by the pandemic and its aftermath, RoshanSpace took the bold step to build and launch the media asset with the conviction that “advertisers are constantly searching for interesting and clutter breaking ways to communicate to their audiences”.

“We decided to take bold steps and prepare ourselves for a post-Covid world where things would not only get back to normal, but exceed pre-Covid demand, keeping in mind a growing economy and influx of international brands. It is precisely this that made us invest in something that goes beyond the definition of just a medium, but rather stands apart as an icon or landmark in itself. Prestige, perfection and perception are the three things that define ‘Bandra Focal’ as a product,” says Junaid.

He adds that “premium brands do not shy away from spending, if the ROI is proportionate. What we have on offer is something that is unmatched in the city and country, not just from a size and stature perspective, but from a strategic location standpoint as well. Be it the launch of a new vehicle, a celebrity endorsement or a real estate advertisement, every single aspect of the visual and the messaging will be crisp and clear to the minutest detail because of the sheer size of the display.”

The ‘Bandra Focal’ is also tech-laden, making it a smart billboard that is equipped with vehicle detection device, smart illumination, live media monitoring system, etc. The vehicle detection technology using Edge 7 facilitates comprehensive, anonymised data capture of every passing vehicle, that is classified by type. Advertising brands would thus be able to estimate the impressions delivered from this site. “It would help to measure traffic, analyse varying trends, and verify every single impression that we deliver to brands,” states the company. “Our CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is based on real, verified data, not on historical estimations or guess”.

The company signs off stating that “in the year ahead, expect to be surprised with more disruptive OOH solutions for the city from RoshanSpace Brandcom”.


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