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Roshanspace Brandcom designs franchise model to help OOH industry people facing job issues

By Bhawana Anand - July 08, 2020

The OOH media owning firm aims to give an opportunity to outdoor employees going through job loss to earn during current crises by leveraging their contacts and skills

Mumbai-based OOH media advertising firm, Roshanspace Brandcom announces an innovative franchise model to help OOH industry people who are facing various challenges on job front owing to Covid19.  

The model, designed on the basis of freelancing concept, allows those people who are facing issues such as job loss but have skills and experience to become entrepreneurs; their own boss. These people can earn by using theinetworks and rolling out their OOH campaigns on RoshanSpace Brandcom’s media, which is spread across the city and leveraging their brand equity. 

Speaking on the concept, Bhoomi Lakhani, VP Sales,Roshanspace Brandcom, said, “We understand that in the current scenario where media owning firms have to perform their financial duties of paying license fees, landlord rents and handleday-to-day expenses, the job cuts or pay cuts are bound to happen. This is an initiative to help those people who have built their careers in OOH advertising industry. Also, it will benefit the industry by giving the clients more options. 

She added that the idea is to help people in leveraging their potential clients or leads, be it media agencies or direct clients to generate revenue at these unprecedented times.

The selected franchisees will have an agreement with Roshanspace Brandcomand then they will be provided with basic training and a kit to start. The contract can be mutually dissolved anytime by any of the parties concerned, on request.

“In order to empower talent and support the OOH industry in the gig economy, we have taken this entrepreneurial approach,” said Junaid Shaikh, Managing Director, Roshanspace Brandcom. 

The revenue sharing franchise model will offer the franchisee an agreed percentage of the project, which again will differ across various verticals. The company will set a benchmark cut for franchisee for each project to ensure their income.

The link to the model on Linkedin is  https://www.linkedin.com/posts/


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