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Rachana Lokhande joins IOAA as member of Board of Advisors

By M4G Bureau - November 04, 2020

Graphiads’s Mukesh Gupta, Maheshwari Advertising’s Sunil Maheshwari and Popular Advertiser’s Manmohan Maan are the other nominated members

Rachana Lokhande has been elected to the Board of Directors of Indian Outdoor Advertising Association (IOAA). The appointment was approved at the annual general meeting of the association held on September 28, 2020.

Her rich experience with a large agency business house should go a long a way in bringing in a client’s perspective to the IOAA board’s discussion, besides suggestions in improving the OOH industry standards.

Prior to this, Rachana was the Co-CEO of Kinetic Advertising India till this year. She was promoted from VP Trading and Operations of Kinetic India. Also, she has worked for IPG and R K Swammy BBDO in prior stints.

Mukesh Gupta (Graphiads - Delhi), Sunil Maheshwari (Maheshwari Advertising - Bhopal) and Manmohan Maan (Popular Advertiser - Bengaluru) are the other members nominated to the board for the current year.

The Board of Advisors of IOAA is an advisory body of individuals, nominated by the Board of Directors of IOAA at their annual general meeting and who are invited to attend all meetings of the IOAA Board and other important forums, to participate in the deliberations.


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