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Outdoor Asia June Edition: Out Now

By M4G Bureau - June 11, 2020

The edition takes a deep dive into the world of changing airport advertising, rural marketing and growing relevance of pDOOH in the new era of Covid19

The June edition of the Outdoor Asia magazine presents the change, which can be seen in OOH advertising business in the wake of Covid19.

It highlights the positive and negative transformation, taken place in the businesses of airport media because of this epidemic.

Airport advertising has been impacted immensely. There is a complete change with new protocols and operating style at airports of metros, tier I and tier II cities. Hence, there came a need for industry experts to provide new strategies, measures to tackle challenges and spending in upcoming brand categories at the topmost touchpoint of the outdoor advertising.

Programmatic OOH seems to play a crucial role for the industry to deal with these tough times. The pDOOH experts share that Programmatic DOOH is expanding with various new technologies and how they are, in turn, expanding the scope for brands’ investment in the DOOH industry. The pDOOH can be helpful to deliver innovative and effective RoI-led business solutions to their clients, who are looking to utilise the limited budgets efficiently.

Lastly, the edition explores the upgradation in the methods used for rural marketing with the increasing internet penetration rate in rural areas, which complements the outdoor branding by broadening its range.

To read in detail, download the latest edition of the Outdoor Asia magazine from here!



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